Finally back to work

Writing of any variety hasn’t been going too well the last few days. Stress doesn’t go away when things start looking better, because the possibility that they’ll get worse again always exists. But I’m making nice progress on the type-in of the Green Magic proposal right now. It feels good to be writing again.

I finally got a desktop client to work with my weblog, too–the WordPressDash widget. I’ve never bothered with widgets–always found them kind of silly and pointless. But WordPressDash makes it possible for me to post to the weblog without having to open anything or log in. The reason I had so many posts the first year I started blogging was because I had my desktop client open and I reported progress as I was writing. It was a lot of fun, and kept me going. I might find myself sliding back into that format.

Oh, and I know what next Friday’s Snippet is going to be. An excerpt from the Starving Rat Scene in HAWKSPAR.

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  1. shawna Avatar

    Hang in there. I prayed for you and yours the other day when you requested, but was headed out the door, and knew the comment didn’t matter, just the prayers did.

    Seems like perhaps we’re in about the same mood at the moment? I feel like I’ve been hanging onto faith and hope by my fingernails for eons. A small measure of positive reinforcement came my way a few days ago… and though elated for a moment, I’m now terrified that it will be taken back away.

    I’m an optimist at heart, but what the world tends to see is pessimism. I spend so much energy telling myself that the worst will happen, because if it does, I’m more prepared… and if it doesn’t, then every other possible result is cause for joy.

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