Final Brain-Surgery Update

By Holly Lisle

I’m bleary-eyed and exhausted from several weeks of worry and lack of sleep, but I’m back.

The news is excellent. My brother-in-law came through the second surgery beautifully. He’s at home today, and while he’ll be on disability for a couple of months while he recuperates, he is himself, and all the horrible things that could have happened didn’t.

I’m still going to be around sparsely for the rest of the month. We had a huge amount of hard physical work staring us in the face before all this started, and we put it aside for the last couple weeks (for obvious reasons)…but our completion deadline is the end of this month. All the work’s still there, and now we have half the time to do it.

So I’m going to spend today mostly sleeping. And I’m going to work like a dog the rest of the month.

After that, I hope to be back here regularly again. I’ve missed being here.

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