Figured out a spiffy twist… and got carried away: 1797 words, 50,345 total

Today was a “how are they doing it?” day with the novel, as something that has been going on since before Book One even started is revealed.

And for folks who, like me, watched a LOT of Scooby-Doo as kids, I’ll note that no rubber suits were involved. 

This was bloody, and gory, and truly evil… and when my MC discovered it, it revealed an explanation behind the history of the murder of someone who had been her whole world.

I ran long, because when I discovered this morning what had actually happened (it was a complete surprise to me, too) I just couldn’t stop writing.

And it’s just the fact that it’s Friday and I still have stuff on my list to get done that finally got me to put on the brakes.

AWESOME writing day, with a twist I didn’t see coming… and with the set-up now in place for one that I do.

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