Fighting the Unwilling Brain

My mind is refusing to cooperate on rethinking the outline. So I let the subconscious pick pictures out of Inspiration’s collection, and I’m forcing the conscious part of the brain to give me new directions for the story based on these odd images.

Thought I’d share the mostly nonverbal bit I’ve done so far, simply because it is so very, very strange.

Realize that none of these images have anything to do with the actual book. At all. In the process of finding ways to make them relate to the book, though, the brain will often toss out interesting little cross-refs on how they relate to each other that I’ve never seen before. These can give me new directions to pursue, and break through areas where I’m badly stuck.

The whole process reminds me of reading tarot. It doesn’t tell you anything. But it does break down your barriers between you and the answers you already had but for some reason couldn’t see.

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