Fifth Outline Finished! All 30 scenes, and a solid ending to the five-book series

Done, DONE, DONE!!!

I didn’t see the ending coming — had no clue how I was going to get there — and then, as it so often does, my muse gave a wicked little giggle and whispered the really terrible thing I could do to my Main Character…

And when I did that, everything else fell together beautifully.

I now have two novels written in first draft, three novels outlined in 30-scene line-for-scene outlines… and the ending that’s worth fighting to beat.

I’ll say this. The ending is good enough that I might not be able to beat it.

(See me saying that loudly? I’m saying that because every time I do, my Muse whispers “…wanna bet?…” And goes out of its way to prove me wrong. Every time it does, I win, because I get an even better ending.)

So… I’m going to take off the rest of the week from fiction to let everything from the outlining process cool.

Instead, I’ll get caught up on several thousand emails (I wish I were exaggerating), and hang out a bit more in the forums, and make some Writer Merch for my folks.

Monday, I’ll show up for work and set up the document for Ohio Book Three, and see if I can get the first scene or two written.

I love this world, I love these stories… and BOY, do I love what I’m heading towards in Book 5.


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