FICTION READERS: Requesting feedback on what you’d like to read next

By Holly Lisle

Over on Patreon last week, I gave my patrons a bunch of story starts I’ve done over the years, along with references to some stories I still want to write that are parts of existing series, and some that I still want to write that I started, but that have vanished from my hard drive. (Still know the stories I want to tell, though).

Got their results saved.

So, TODAY I took these two private Patrons-Only posts public. You can read the LONG post about the books I’m doing next, and the ones I’m open to doing after I finish them:

The May 2018 Rewards

And then you can download the reading material I’ve provided, read what interests you, and vote (for as many items as you want) in the poll:

Which of these books would you personally actually buy?

I’ll appreciate any comments you make on why you voted as you did.

Why am I doing this NOW?

Because I did the math.

Between the one remaining Longview novella I have to write to write (under 40,000 words), the next Cady novel (50,000-ish words), and the final Moon & Sun novel (50,000-ish words), I have an open schedule in 140,000 words.

I don’t remember the last time I had an open schedule, and I want to make it count.

140,000 words used to be 6 months of writing for me. (Well, it still is — actually I’m doing more than that, but most of it is in writing classes over on

But for me, that’s a tiny number of words between “I’m writing” and “I don’t know which project to do next.”

So I’m asking for some non-binding direction. What would YOU like to read, and why?

You can vote for just one thing, for everything, or add something I mentioned in the past and forgot about over the years that you’ve bee going to see.

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