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FICTION READERS: Requesting feedback on what you’d like to read next

Over on Patreon last week, I gave my patrons a bunch of story starts I’ve done over the years, along with references to some stories I still want to write that are parts of existing series, and some that I still want to write that I started, but that have vanished from my hard drive. (Still know the stories I want to tell, though).

Got their results saved.

So, TODAY I took these two private Patrons-Only posts public. You can read the LONG post about the books I’m doing next, and the ones I’m open to doing after I finish them:

The May 2018 Rewards

And then you can download the reading material I’ve provided, read what interests you, and vote (for as many items as you want) in the poll:

Which of these books would you personally actually buy?

I’ll appreciate any comments you make on why you voted as you did.

Why am I doing this NOW?

Because I did the math.

Between the one remaining Longview novella I have to write to write (under 40,000 words), the next Cady novel (50,000-ish words), and the final Moon & Sun novel (50,000-ish words), I have an open schedule in 140,000 words.

I don’t remember the last time I had an open schedule, and I want to make it count.

140,000 words used to be 6 months of writing for me. (Well, it still is — actually I’m doing more than that, but most of it is in writing classes over on

But for me, that’s a tiny number of words between “I’m writing” and “I don’t know which project to do next.”

So I’m asking for some non-binding direction. What would YOU like to read, and why?

You can vote for just one thing, for everything, or add something I mentioned in the past and forgot about over the years that you’ve bee going to see.

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5 responses to “FICTION READERS: Requesting feedback on what you’d like to read next”

  1. Avalanna Holmes Avatar
    Avalanna Holmes

    Please complete the moon and sun series please. I’ve been waiting for it so long and will be really grateful for the last part. Please.

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar
      Holly Lisle

      Have to finish the revision of one story, and one final novella in the Longview series. Moon & Sun 3: Emerald Sun comes after that. At the pace I’m going, I’m guessing I’ll start writing it January of next year — 2019.

      I know folks have been waiting a long time, and I’m really sorry. Life has been exploding left and right on me for a long stretch of years now. I’m hoping that’s about to change for the better.

  2. Eileen P.Landreth Avatar

    I bring bad news….today May 21st, in the middle of one of his classes, Walter Lee Spence had a massive coronary, all attempts to revive him failed and he died. Walter was on the last leg of his dream to graduate from UNC and was almost there. His wife Debbie is there with her adult daughter and arranging to have him moved to Rogers and Breece in Fayetteville NC. Mary Turner is helping with the arrangements, all of us are in shock, the grandchildren, Jessica, Jonathan,and Julie Turner took it hard.I knew you would want to know.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Eileen, I’m so sorry. Walter was a wonderful man and a good friend, and I kept planning on getting back in touch once things over here got better. This is so sad, and such a waste. I wanted to see him reach his dream.

  3. Hanna Avatar

    I have got to switch email accounts that Holly’s messages go to. I would have loved to have voted but I saw this message 2 days after it was posted. Talysmana. I seem to recall it was a very good story and I still want to know how they get it worked out. (I also like the write a book with me days. I was “off work” as in “looking for work” and was able to keep up.)

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