Fell Behind

Yesterday was the first day that I didn’t make my words. I got stuck on a couple of sections, couldn’t figure out the fix-it puzzles to everything I needed, and just generally struggled in a sea of freaking frustration.

I am officially behind on the count, though not by a great deal. I wrote one scene, (out of the three I finished) that I don’t like very much in retrospect, so I may be behinder that my current pages would indicate. Today I play catch-up, which is a game I hate.

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6 responses to “Fell Behind”

  1. S William Shaw Avatar

    Just wanted to say that my wife loves your books now too 🙂

  2. Chassit Avatar

    You can do it, Holly. We have faith in you, and you’re really making me wanna read this book!

  3. Zink Johnson Avatar
    Zink Johnson

    My productivity is zilch right now, so I’m living vicariously through you, Holly. You can do it- though perhaps napping would help, if you’ve been staying up late a lot (and I do my best thinking right before I fall asleep).

  4. Inkblot Avatar


    It’ll turn out ok Holly, you can do it!

    Just think, in a few weeks it will all be over…

    *more hugs*

  5. WritingAngel Avatar

    You can do it! It’s a pain in the ass and horrible but just think of the rewards once you’ve got there!

    Plus, I’m in the middle of Talyn and cursing the train when it stops and I have to get off and stop reading. So I know that all this work you do turns out some amazingly engaging stories.

  6. Bettye Avatar

    Okay sweetie,
    Deep breaths. Go lay down (not joking here) it is proven your mind does better with creative stuff when you are in a prone position.
    If there is a room in your house with high ceilings-go into it for your creative thinking-low ceilings keep people focused and on task-high ceilings inspire creativity. The article didn’t say what happens outdoors though I’ve found a brisk walk sometimes sparks things. Be sure and take a digital recorder with you or pen and paper something to capture what shows up before it escapes.
    More hugs and blessings.

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