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Feeling better, back to the WARPAINT editor’s type-in #wabwm — 4 Comments

  1. 1437 words today. And I got to a new milestone: over 100K on the project. Hooray

    [And only 6 years to do it too!! LOL] (…something like that)…
    It’s okay. Some day I will be finished and I’m feeling very close to the end. Everything is starting to pull together and I sort of have the plan. Just kind of a few very important holes to fill in on the way.

  2. My edit count started this morning at 52K.

    I’m now at 74K, still have another two hours in which to keep working before I have to do other things.

    • Awesome progress!! Best of luck for the remaining 2 hrs.

      1659 more words here on “the idea” that wouldn’t let me be yesterday. HTTS Lesson 1 – to be started after lunch.

      Writing with passion!

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