FeaturePrice Strikes Again!

The weblog won’t update from Blogger with FeaturePrice’s screw-ups still messing up the site. So a lot of posts are going to hit the site all at once, including this one. I’ll still keep up with the writing, though.

Besides, doing a few extra weblog entries while I figure out What Happens Next on the story will only help Team Forward Motion, currently kicking ass and moving up through the stats at Project Dolphin, one of the odder little initiatives on the ‘Net.

Teams count keystrokes against each other. We have some pretty prolific folks playing — I’m going to be revealed as the pokey typist that I truly am.

I’m a very late joiner in this, but I couldn’t resist. Got back to writing, finally, and decided it would be a wonderful incentive to keep working on the pages to rack up a big score — after all, plinking around with the HTML on the site while I wait for the DNS to propagate over to Jatol.com isn’t going to do much for my score. Or my team’s.

Write, write, write!

Damn, it’s good to be back at work.

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