Favorite Lines Snippet, Blood Pressure, and Stuff

A tiny, tiny snippet of today’s 2000 words from the Create A Language Clinic, from the section on creating adjectives and adverbs:

We can, in other words, noun our verbs, verb our nouns, wring adjectives and adverbs and anything else we might want out of everything including the kitchen, the sink, and the cockroach beneath it, and in all other ways drive ourselves batwonkily mad twisting our language into labyrinthine pretzelconstructian nightmariforms.

Welcome to English. Have an aspirin.

On the blood pressure issue: In the last couple of weeks, just from eating vegan and taking a daily OTC herbal diuretic, my blood pressure has come down from an 160/100 to 140/82, average. Not perfect yet by any means, but give me a couple more weeks. And I’m feeling better. I cannot even begin to describe how much better I’m feeling. I’m writing better. I’m focusing better. And the constant headache is gone. I still have the occasional flare-up, but it responds to one or two aspirin and retreats.

Stuff. The weekend. We actually got out to see a movie for the first time in ages last weekend. Over The Hedge. I was expecting a preachy “Humans are evil”-themed movie, and was delighted to be proven wrong. It was a lot of fun, and worth a recommendation. And now, I am outta here. Until next Monday, anyway. Have a good weekend.

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One response to “Favorite Lines Snippet, Blood Pressure, and Stuff”

  1. Sam_R Avatar

    Hi, Holly. I have hoped you would write something along the lines of Create a Language Clinic. The snippets sound very promising.

    Sorry to hear about the blood pressure. I have high blood pressure too, controlled with meds. And, I know only too well what the “constant headache” is like. In fact, when I was in grade school, I would get into trouble because of it. My teacher would say, “No one has a headache EVERY DAY.” Hmm, really?

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