OHIO 5: Far better than average morning: 1001 words, 8202 total

So… The writing flew this morning.

I’m not sure why… but things just clicked. And while they were clicking, the back of my mind was working on the problem of taking books four complete first drafts and one book that as of today is not quite ten percent done (in first draft only, of course), and turning them into pick-up anywhere reads.

And I think I have it. Something that won’t cause massive rewrites during the revision, something that will not include an expository introduction to the series with “In Book One…” “In Book Two…” summaries.

Just a focus on nailing four or five essentials.

The back of my brain was hammering this out while the front of my brain was focusing on getting the days words’ and only poked me with it when I finished them.

So now I’m going to write down what I figured out, so that I don’t lose it.

And then I’m going to see how the New Site/New Forum data move is coming.

Looking very much forward to getting the old site gone and the new site live.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend. 

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