Experimenting with Mars Edit

There was a point in my writing career where I was blogging as I wrote. I’d do a starting wordcount and the day’s objective, post little snippets of something I wrote while the letters were still glowing from the heat, build a new post as a digression from my worldbuilding or research (research was the origin of a lot of Rants).

The blog was busy.

And then Ecto died.

What was Ecto? A little app I had on my desktop that just sat there besides me — open — so that I never had to slog to my blog, open WordPress, go through the friggin’ interface, set up a post, save, test, save, test, save, test… publish.

When it died, blogging stopped being easy and started being work that did not gently flow into what I was actually doing and actually got paid for (blogging being essentially free nonfiction done during work hours that, if you have to stop and spend a couple hours on an in-depth post, cuts into actual paid work).

I have from time to time searched for something that would do what Ecto did, and have repeatedly had my hopes crushed.

So now I’m looking at Mars Edit. 

The first big test is going to be: Will it actually post to my blog. This is where other programs have died an ugly death.

The second is: How much of a pain in the ass is it going to be to edit a post? Will I be able to do that from here and still get the post to look the way I want?

I’ll still have to log in to update the software, and I’m looking at doing (yet another) total site overhaul with a major re-theming to decrease the cluttered look while still keeping all the content.

But as I write this, I like the interface, I like the simplicity, I like the small footprint that lets it fit on my desktop beside my actual work.

If it works, this could be my path back to doing something that I love (talking about work while I work, and showing off my work while I work) that died with Ecto.

If it doesn’t…? 

Same old slog, and my best attempt to do a post a week, that degrades when things get chaotic into a post or two a month.

So here’s to hoping this works.

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3 responses to “Experimenting with Mars Edit”

  1. dragon Avatar

    *claps enthusiastically*

  2. Holly Avatar

    BUT you cannot edit a post AFTER posting from Mars Edit and have it make corrections. Okay, fair enough.

  3. Holly Avatar

    Survey says, “It works!”

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