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Exclusive MAJOR upgrade to How to Write a Novel Super Early Bird Bonus

So I’m plugging along trying to get everything set up before the How to Write a Novel Super Early Bird class launch goes live, and Matt comes in.

“Make sure you let them know that folks who already have novels written do not have to wait to finish their class projectto have me edit for them. If they’d like to have me do something for them now, I’ll do one of their existing novels.

“As long as they’re paid in full on the class BEFORE they schedule and know there are no refunds once I’ve received their manuscript, I’m happy to work on whatever they’d like me to work on.”

Like this should have been obvious.

Wasn’t obvious.

And this is going to be a big deal for a few folks.

So I’m sending out an email on this to the folks on the launch list, but there might be some folks who aren’t ON the launch list who would like to get a content edit from Matt for a price I had to double-check on because I wasn’t sure I heard him right.

So here’s the offer. One full novel content edit, $197.

That’s 80% off Matt’s General Member Price.

  • This offer is only for the folks who buy during theFIRST (Super Early Bird) launch of How to Write a Novel.
  • The offer ends the minute this launch closes. 
  • It will NEVER be offered again to any class.
  • The offer is a comprehensive content edit by Matt (who has been my content editor since 1995) of ONE complete novel manuscript revised to the author’s best ability before sending.
  • Maximum word limit 100,000 words. Not a word over, and the price does not scale. No exceptions.
  • When you schedule your edit, you state that you understand that by scheduling your edit and sending your manuscript, you agree that the How to Write a Novel class you purchased (which got you the massive discount) is nonrefundable, and the edit price is nonrefundable.
  • Edits are First Scheduled, First Served, and we only take payments two weeks in advance. There will probably be a waiting list. To be ON the waiting list, you have to have your receipt.

When you schedule your edit, you’ll have to include your receipt (or receipts) as proof of paid-in-full purchase, and you’ll need to include the following statement in your scheduling ticket:

I understand that by scheduling my content edit on my novel for the price of $197, the purchase of the class that gave me this discount becomes nonrefundable, along with the purchase price of the content edit, which is a physical product requiring one week of work by the editor, and I agree to these terms. 


As long as you’re good with that, he’ll start work for you as soon as we can get you onto the schedule.

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  1. Sarah Avatar


    I didn’t want to add to the ticket because I imagine she’s swamped, but since this is kinda sorta mildly related ? I want to say a big thank you to Rebecca for sorting my support ticket in double quick time and a thoroughly pro

    1. Sarah Avatar

      I forgot I hadn’t finished writing the comment. TL;DR version, THANK YOU REBECCA

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