Everything always takes longer

Well, I’m now 32 pages into what has become a 44-page synopsis. What I thought would be two hours, tops, of relatively small, relatively simple changes has cascaded into a line by line rewrite. The villain? Continuity. If you change something in line five of the synopsis, then you have to make sure that you change every reference to it throughout the rest of the proposal. If you have ten small changes, you end up with one mountain of work.

The proposal is better. If I drank, however, now would be the time I would seriously consider laying in a stock of something so that, after this thing is out the door, I could get blitzed. I don’t. So maybe in celebration once the proposal is really, truly, finally done, I’ll just beat my head on the wall for five minutes and then … stop. A celebration appropriate to the event being celebrated.

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