EVERYONE gets my Patreon rewards this month… with NO sign-up

I’m new to Patreon.

I probably made an error setting up my rewards for the day after Patreon said it collected pledges, which is on the first of each month.

It’s now the fourth of the month, and as far as I can tell, Patreon has not collected a single pledge from a single one of my patrons, and all the rewards I set up to become available on the 2nd were still locked.

WERE. They’re not locked anymore.

Because Patreon can only work on a “good faith” concept, and good faith has to run both ways.

You ask people to fund you, they do so in the good faith that you’ll do the work you say you’re going to do, and you reward them along the way for sticking with you and helping you fund your art, or music, or in my case, new fiction.

So this month, even though I’m not entirely certain the system is working correctly, and even though I’ve not yet heard back from Patreon on my request for information, I’m holding up my end of the good faith agreement with my patrons.

I’ve released the October downloadable / watchable rewards to everyone. These are segments of the in-progress revision of Longview #4: The Vipers’ Nest.

And when I say everyone, I don’t mean just patrons. I mean you, too.

You can get the Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 deliverables here. If you’re not a patron, you won’t get your name in the Longview 4 Acknowledgements, or get the extra things that patrons get.

But you can see a small slice of what I’ve been doing, and actually watch over my shoulder as I write one complete scene.

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2 responses to “EVERYONE gets my Patreon rewards this month… with NO sign-up”

  1. Wednesday Avatar

    If it helps, my Patron profile registers a September (?) contribution and says the next is “November 1-5”.

    Let me know if you want a screenshot or however else I could help.

    1. Holly Lisle Avatar

      That correct, though it looks weird. You pledged in September, but your pledge wasn’t collected until October. So the next pledge will be collected in November.

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