Evading karma

Molly has discovered that, through no action or intent of her own, she has been thrown outside of the karmic circle. She no longer has to dread eternal repercussions for any evil thing she does; she will also not get any eternal rewards for good actions. She has become, in the purest sense, a free agent … and to add to her dilemma, she has a price on her head, and has discovered that her closest kinship is now with the monsters that hunt her.

She’s struggling with the dilemma — Why do good instead of evil? Why do what is hard, and suffer in the here and now, when she can do what is easy and never suffer, and never pay a price.

At least that’s the way things look from where she’s standing.

And Lauren is on her way to eternity, sword in hand and a pissed-off expression on her face.

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