Eureka! The answer to ‘So What?’

I figured out the niche, and I think it kicks ass. Linked here.

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2 responses to “Eureka! The answer to ‘So What?’”

  1. FaiThanh Avatar

    Thank you, Holly! You’ve given me the motivation to write more books related to a world i’ve been working on!

  2. Bettye Avatar

    OH YEAH! I am one who is totally addicted to such stories. I love stories that give me peaks at characters/worlds I’ve met previously.
    I am not especially interested in books that do the cliff-hanger thing; what happens if the publisher pulls the books? How abour if something happens to the author? But I do like continuing series. I think this must have started back in childhood, I have the entire collection of The Black Stallion and Island Stallion stories by Walter Farley.
    I never broke my addiction to series. That is a great niche.

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