Epic Stakes Day: 29,243 words total, 1045 words for the day, and bigness

About a third of the way into Book 5, and today’s words were a blast.

Crazy fun (for me). 

My main character has both just discovered the magnitude of the problem she faces, and has come up with an idea that may help her (and her allies) solve it.

It’s dangerous, of course.

And the stakes if she fails could not be higher.

And she still has a problem she hasn’t identified staring her in the face.


I love where the book is going, and I cannot wait to write the next scene.



Gotta be tomorrow, because right now, I have to get back to getting the HollysWritingClasses.com Half-Price Ten-Day sale built, and that work, unlike writing fiction, is finicky, precise, exacting, requires complete silence and absolute concentration…

And is not fun at all.

And can only be done by me.

Once it’s done, though, I’ll have solved the final problem I face with the new website, and can get back to writing fiction, and hanging out in the forums and doing upgrades on the writing classes.

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