English for Reporters 101

By Holly Lisle

From the article Taking Refuge in the Astrodome, (not bylined, because the dumbass who wrote this clearly knows he’s too stupid to be breathing), we’re informed that “In an extreme act of looting, one group actually stole a bus to escape ravaged areas in Louisiana.”

Looting. From AllWords.com, we get the following definition of looting:
verb looted, looting

    1a. Said especially of a mob: to steal from shops, warehouses, etc, often with attendant vandalism or violence during or following rioting;
    Thesaurus: ransack, raid, burglarize, rob.

1b. To steal from an enemy in wartime.

    Thesaurus: ransack, pillage, plunder, maraud, raid, despoil, ravage.

2. colloq

    To steal from someone or something.
    Example: looted his son’s piggy-bank

Looters are those armed thugs shooting at helicopters and roaming the streets in bands, stealing electronics and shooting cops and raping children.

They aren’t the people taking food to feed their families.

They sure as shit aren’t the kid who took that bus.

If an eighteen year old kid takes a public bus, crams 100+ men, women and children on it in the middle of a world-class hurricane, and hauls their asses out of a sinking city by driving for seven hours through a storm, thus saving their lives, (while also saving public property, no less — because that damned bus is the only one from New Orleans that will now run, thanks to this kid), the kid is NOT a looter, you dumbfuck prissy-ass word-mangling reportermoron. He is a HERO.

Definition of hero: Scared kid who saves the lives of more than 100 people while risking his own. picture of a hero Remember this face, because THIS is the kid who should be mayor of New Orleans. He would have known what to do with all those now-floating school buses, and if he could have taken more of them, more people would still be alive. Looter, my ass. His name is Jabbor Gibson, and somebody better give him a medal.

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