Embracing the New Rules of Self-Publishing Reality #selfpub #wabwm

By Holly Lisle


That is what I accomplished on WARPAINT yesterday. Between the migraine, stomach pain, and generally just feeling like hell, I managed NOTHING.

Except for one small revelation.

I can either emulate the worst of commercial publishing, and drive myself to finish a book that will be less good for being rushed in order to hit a deadline (I wanted the month of December off, because I’m exhausted from the last year, and I planned on catching up on my sleep).

Or I can embrace the reality of self-publishing, which is that if I feel like shit, I can take two days off to recuperate, and bring out the book I want to write on a changed schedule.

Finishing books on deadline was one of my skills I embraced in commercial publishing for many good reasons.

But I live in a world with new and different rules, and at this point I need to embrace a new reality: That my publisher will still publish my book even if I take more time to write a better book, and avoid killing myself at the same time.

I’m off today and tomorrow (except for Student Support—for that, I’m just off today). I plan to be back on Tuesday. I will, however, modify that schedule if necessary.

Write with joy.

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