Embracing the New Rules of Self-Publishing Reality #selfpub #wabwm


That is what I accomplished on WARPAINT yesterday. Between the migraine, stomach pain, and generally just feeling like hell, I managed NOTHING.

Except for one small revelation.

I can either emulate the worst of commercial publishing, and drive myself to finish a book that will be less good for being rushed in order to hit a deadline (I wanted the month of December off, because I’m exhausted from the last year, and I planned on catching up on my sleep).

Or I can embrace the reality of self-publishing, which is that if I feel like shit, I can take two days off to recuperate, and bring out the book I want to write on a changed schedule.

Finishing books on deadline was one of my skills I embraced in commercial publishing for many good reasons.

But I live in a world with new and different rules, and at this point I need to embrace a new reality: That my publisher will still publish my book even if I take more time to write a better book, and avoid killing myself at the same time.

I’m off today and tomorrow (except for Student Support—for that, I’m just off today). I plan to be back on Tuesday. I will, however, modify that schedule if necessary.

Write with joy.

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14 responses to “Embracing the New Rules of Self-Publishing Reality #selfpub #wabwm”

  1. Esther Avatar

    Kudos to you for being able to re-orient yourself. I really hope that you feel good soon and that all the pain goes away.

  2. Iulian Ionescu Avatar

    I think a lot of writers underestimate the power of rest every now and then, especially highly prolific ones. I think you deserve it. That being said, when can I buy the book? 🙂


    1. Holly Avatar

      😀 Exactly. Both on the importance of rest, AND on the importance of getting the book done so folks can buy it.

      Starting back to work today.

      1. KenB Avatar

        Hope your rest day went well and the Migraine is gone.
        Sometimes your body doesn’t give you a choice. How productive would you have been if you had forced it versus waiting until you recouped a little?

        In this neck of the woods, schedule here has been so hectic for the past 3 days that when it did finally slow down – all I did was fall asleep and play catch up on that sleep. So no progress, but I did hand-write 1 1/2 pages last night. I will be typing it in today and shooting for 2-3 pages .

  3. Johanna Avatar

    Absolutely the right decision. Warpaint will benefit from this, as will your health, which is honestly the most important thing. It might be weird to quote a villain, but as Count Rugen (the six-fingered man) once said, “If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.”

    It doesn’t matter to me how long it takes. I will still buy Warpaint as soon as it becomes available.

  4. Robert Slater Avatar

    Yes, Holly. Do it. Take your time. Release it when you’re ready. AS readers and friends we want the book you want us to have!

    1. KenB Avatar

      I second that emotion.

  5. Julian Adorney Avatar
    Julian Adorney

    Great new lens to see through! You’re your own boss now, and while financial demands dictate that you can’t take too many days off, I think readers will thank you for giving yourself time to rest instead of trying to hit an arbitrary deadline.

    And speaking personally, I’d rather read a book where the author did the best job they could, instead of best-job-possible-in-least-amount-of-time.

  6. Jen of Hens Avatar
    Jen of Hens

    Awesome new reality! (odd how it’s so hard to embrace something we yearned for – the old ways being so ingrained).

    I’m spending the day basking in my NaNo Winner glory and losing at mahjongg. Ahhhhhh……

  7. Melanie R. Meadors Avatar

    This is one reason I am heavily leaning toward self publishing. When I am on someone else’s publishing schedule, it not only kills me, but it kills my family. My son has a whole mess of alphabet soup special needs, and we homeschool. Over the past couple months, I’ve been a rushed mess trying to complete things on someone else’s timetable. I’ve still taken the time to do the things I *need* to do, but our family relationships have suffered, and my son is acting out because of it. Every time I think of self publishing, even though I am well aware of all the work involved (which, honestly, isn’t all that much more than traditional publishing–with TP you still have to market yourself and edit yourself, etc. With them, you just end up with a crappy cover they designed for you rather than one you had done yourself ;-)), I feel this giant rush of relief. I have a good work ethic, but sometimes life happens!

  8. Ruth Parlour Avatar

    You deserve a rest every now and then. It does the world of good!

  9. Tim King Avatar

    Oh, I so understand. I hope and pray that you feel better, and I’m glad that you’re almost finished with WARPAINT (because I’m anxious to read it). -TimK

  10. Jean Avatar

    You’ve got a great publisher!

  11. Aynslie Hanna Avatar
    Aynslie Hanna

    Holly – If you were a character in a book, I’d say you’d succeeded in making your way over the rainbow and were now sliding for “home” on your arc.

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