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Email is the devil — 15 Comments

  1. Piker. (Unless that does NOT include saves, archives, etc…)
    Just off-hand, last I checked my Hotmail account alone was approaching 666,666 by itself if I include categories I’ve sorted into. my plight would be worse had I managed to recover some of the mass I saved from FidoNet, and PODSnet, and the bad old days of AOHell.

  2. When you have that many, you have to sort by name and then just delete unread anything that’s advertising, spam, a mass mailing (even from places you like) and more.

    I have my mailbox today down to a fairly reasonable 955.

    Which still isn’t as reasonable as one would hope.

  3. I just have to say..thanks for posting about Jeff Walker all those years ago.I wish I could have purchased when you were doing the JV launch with him. However, I was finally able to purchase for my own businesses recently, and it has been AMAZING. I also noticed that he thanked you in the acknowledgements of his book! So cool.

    It has been a joy to watch this site grow and become. Love your courses and look forward to more of your books!

    Thanks for all you do! And Go get those emails! LOL…

    • His class gave me the best help my nonfiction could have ever gotten.

      I wish I could have made it work with fiction, because the majority of folks who take my classes want to write that. The process is brilliant for nonfiction, but does nothing for fiction.

      So because I couldn’t make it work for THAT, and because folks who follow my advice had tried the class when I recommended it, and discovered along with me that it doesn’t work for fiction, I had to stop being an affiliate for him.

      For business, though? WOW.

      Thanks for letting me know, and thank you for the kind words. I’m so glad you’ve found what I do helpful.

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