Email Is Down From the Shop and Affiliate Sites

As far as I can tell, this is the only glitch, but since this is the first of March, affiliate payday, it means I can’t send out the newsletter. So for this month, I’ll post it here, as well as on the Affiliate Support Board.

MARCH HollyShop Affiliate Update


Congratulations to Monica Jackson, (, who, as Affiliate of the Month, receives a $7.00 bonus. Monica linked a personal recommendation for both Character Clinic and Way of the Cheetah through her weblog, and got her traffic through this, plus a one-line recommendation in a post. Her site gets a lot of traffic; this approach worked for her.

Thanks, Monica!

Be sure to stop by the Affiliate Support board ( to congratulate her, get ideas, and offer suggestions on encouraging readers to take a chance on e-book purchases.


February was a slow month for the shop (and hence, for affiliates). I ran into snags transferring the Cadence Drake novel HUNTING THE CORRIGAN’S BLOOD to Word, and am still laboriously manually editing my way through it, line by line, taking out all the hidden code that was screwing up the production process. So we didn’t have new sales for that to boost things.

I’m going to offer a $2-Off discount when I put it up, though. $1 off HTCB and $1 off Lazette Gifford’s MUSE to people who buy both. I’m hoping that will get readers to take a chance on Zette’s book and on e-book fiction in general.

I’ll start working on Worldbuilding Clinic once I get HTCB debugged and posted, too, so there will be that to look forward to in the near future, too. And I’m hoping to have more professional authors write e-books on writing, too; Sheila has done really well with hers so far.

That’s it for February.

Hang in; March is looking brighter already.


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Novelist, writing teacher, on a mission to reprint my out-of-print books and indie-publish my new ones.

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Bradley Johnson
Bradley Johnson
7 years ago

I am reading “Diplomacy of Wolves.” I have one major problem with it, I can’t read the maps at all. I thought that I would check your website and print off the maps here. But these maps don’t seem much better to me than the smudges in the book. Please, pretty please, would you provide maps that are easy to read?

Holly Lisle
Reply to  Bradley Johnson
7 years ago

Hi, Bradley.

I will. I’m fixing my work site, and following that, have to completely overhaul this site, and will have downloads of all the maps with chapters of the books. In the meantime, though, I enlarged the Matrin map for you. You can double-click it to see details.

17 years ago

Whooo-eeeee, Holly, I won something! I love to win stuff!

Thank You!

My plan is to do a detailed review of both books, and post them everywhere I can dream up so I can rake in the bucks, as soon as I exit deadline hell.

I will be in Hell through March. I do it to myself. I really do. I am the Procrastination Mistress of the World.

Back to Hades. 5000 words or Bust!

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