Editor Incest, Surprise Delay, and a Favor

Editor Incest

A question came up in a previous post on whether Rebel Tales editors could publish stories by other Rebel Tales editors.

Frankly, I thought the answer so obvious that it didn’t occur to me to mention it—and now that it’s been asked, I have proof that it wasn’t obvious after all.

I’m going to invent a term here—Editor Incest. And I’m going to define editor incest as “Editors competing for limited publishing space in the same market with the authors whose careers they are supposed to be trying to help build by buying their own or each other’s stories.”

And now I’ll state the policy that I thought too obvious to state before:


Rebel Tales will not permit editor incest, either by editors publishing under their own name or by pseudonym.

The integrity of any publication is dependent upon writers being able to trust that their editors are on their side. Permitting even the possibility that an editor might grant a prize story slot to himself or an editor friend will destroy that trust.

What about me? I’m a pretty well-known writer, and my story in a season could ostensibly sell more issues and make more money for the other writers in that season than if my story wasn’t there.

I may in fact publish some of my own work in Rebel Tales. If I do, I’ll publish in a separate, unpaid slot. I’ll only get paid as the publisher, not as one of the writers, in order to avoid cutting the percentage other writers make on their stories, and to avoid taking up a paying slot.

And if this policy causes some of my prospective editors to drop out?

I’ll go through existing applications and contact those people I wanted to say “YES” to and couldn’t because of space restrictions. As noted in an earlier post, I still have a huge number of qualified applicants waiting.

Yesterday’s Surprise

…is on hold because I’ve run into a problem finding appropriate software. It make take me a few days, or even a week. Watch here for updates.

And a Favor

Craig Campbell and I have a new version of HollyLisle.com up in beta.

If you could click around it (excluding the writing diary and shop, which are unchanged) and give us feedback here on what works, what doesn’t, what you love, and what you hate, I’d really appreciate it.

Here’s the test site.

It’s not in final form—we’re looking for input and a chance to fix what doesn’t work for you before we take it live. Thank you.

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48 responses to “Editor Incest, Surprise Delay, and a Favor”

  1. Sharon Cousins Avatar

    Holly, this proposed change almost got by me, things are so frantic at my house. I took a look, hit “writers” and almost went into a panic (I also squinted like mad and leaned five inches closer than my working distance). I spend (sporadically) a lot of time cruising, referencing, and referring people to hollylisle.com, and all of a sudden I couldn’t read it. To be honest, I thought it was much more generic/corporate in appearance and lacked character. I guess it depends on what you’re going for. Your site. But please, please give those precious words of yours more contrast. My old eyes (and possibly my partial prosopagnosia) can’t take the strain. (I even did the command to take the size up one step and still had to lean forward and squint.)

  2. Alice Avatar

    Hi Holly,

    Glad the meds are holding you steady. Here’s hoping for a complete recovery.

    I’m not going to comment on the new site because it’s pretty well all been said.

    Just really glad you’re back at the keyboard and taking on various dragons and things.

    Hooray for the all out war on be half of mid listers everywhere and for those of us who are working hard toward joining their ranks.

    Way to go Holly,


  3. Anthea Avatar

    I clicked over to the article “First Draft, First Look” from the home page and noticed that unless I maximize the window I have to scroll back and forth horizontally to read. I almost never maximize anything, so it was a little jarring/annoying, but I don’t really know what the fix is – is there a way to have the text or formatting resize to fit the window? Or maybe just narrower formatting in general.

    I like the new look of the site, though!

    Also, welcome back. 🙂 I’m glad the medicine is helping, and hope the Dr.s figure out the root issues soon. Take care!

  4. Cheryl Brown Avatar

    Hi — I love the new site. Very clean lines – Minimal and effective. Some comments:

    1. I tried to search for “how to think” on the index page search box (looking for sideways) and the search took the “to” out of it – and returned a bunch of results I couldn’t make sense of. I changed the search to “sideways” and finally got a reference to the course as the last item on the page. Okay, I figured out that it the search defaults to “all words” . BUT the HIGHLIGHT is barely darker than the other words in the sentence.

    2. I expected a footer of some kind. The template has a place for it. How about a choice of selections from the shop… and simple text navigation under …? or something similar.

    3. Too many or tags under the hollylisle.com header (above available now.)

    4. The header image is white on light blue.

    5. I miss the picture of you. It made you somehow more accessible.


  5. Kyralae Avatar

    Everyone has done a great job chasing links and other input but I will add something that doesn’t seem to have been addressed – font size.
    I brought up your new site on my iPad and it’s nearly impossible to read. There isn’t a means to resize the font on the trimmed down version of Safari. In looking around I found the font size used in your Affiliate site to be good for general reading on the Mac and iPad.

    1. Holly Avatar

      The current template is stock. We’ll be changing both the font size and that damn designer gray before it goes live.

      1. Kyralae Avatar

        Thank you. As a very small time web designer, I’ve received comments about readability for the iPad and have had to make some adjustments to my templates. I know I take mine when I know I’m going to have to kill time somewhere where there is Wi-Fi and reading your site is one of my favorite pasttimes.

  6. Gabby Avatar

    Hi Holly,
    If some of your old stuff is out of print, can you make them available in the Holly Shop? I loved the Corrigan’s Blood story. And it was so quick and convenient to just order/download.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Most of my stuff has reverted to me. I want to get it into online print. The problem is that most of it now exists only in paper form. It’ll have to be retyped, I’ll have to edit the manuscript and make corrections and changes, and then I’ll have to put it into various formats.

      Both time and money are at issue here, and since I want topaz people for the work (I don’t wish to sell for profit a product someone else worked for free to help create, I have to wait until I’m in a better position to do this.

      1. WandersNowhere Avatar

        Ouch! That’s something I was also wondering about, and now I know why. That sounds like a LOT of work.

        Guess I’ll be hunting down hard copies as soon as I get off the plane in Australia this August XD

      2. Nancy Avatar


        I know what you mean about those “topaz” people. I want some too! *giggle* Thanks for the typo-induced imagery.

        1. Greg Avatar

          Idly contemplating submitting something to Rebel Tales featuring the topaz people, perhaps akin to the terracotta army…

          1. Nancy Avatar


            Do you see what you’ve done!? A simple little typo is spawning story storms! Topaz People are raining down into plots throughout the known and yet-to-be-written universes. Sheesh, it doesn’t take much to flood writers with ideas. Rebel Tales may have to do a Topaz edition….

  7. Ien Nivens Avatar
    Ien Nivens

    Holly, I have a different question about editorial ethics and Rebel Tales policy. I write novel reviews that appear elsewhere online and will soon begin to appear in print. While I have no idea yet whether I will even have the time for all the additional reading that reviewing entails, once the submission gates open, I would like to be clear about what “extracurricular” activities might and might not be permissible and whether it would be considered a conflict of interest or a violation of an implicit non-compete agreement or understanding to continue writing reviews of fiction that is published elsewhere, by other publishers.

    If you have a chance to address this now, that would be great. If not, I’ll ask again before I publish another novel review.


    1. Holly Avatar

      Late, but here’s the gig. Editors can write for other publications. They just can’t write for Rebel Tales.

  8. Paula Gill Avatar
    Paula Gill

    I like the streamlined layout of the new site! It’s much easier to find what you’re looking for. While debates still rage about how much to have “above the fold,” I’d rather see some of the tabbed sections in the dead space on the sides of the site than at the bottom–scrolling is a drag. And adding one more color to the mix (subtly integrated, of course) couldn’t hurt. The monochromatic, two-tone is clean but a bit sleepy. Gray font could be a bit darker too.

    Hope this helps!

  9. Ien Nivens Avatar
    Ien Nivens

    The new site is clean and fresh, easy to navigate. I love to rummage around old bookstores, attics and junk shops, but I don’t take the same pleasure in rummaging online that some of the die-hard fans of the old site enjoy.

    I really like that I can get in and find what I need quickly.


  10. Danzier Avatar

    Most of what I saw on the new site has been covered above. I agree that I miss seeing your picture. I also miss the warm welcome paragraph and the invitation to explore via question-and-answer buttons. But I like the blue and silver look and the links to your books right away–it reminds me that your first love is authorship.

    I’d love it if, on the Writer’s Quiz and “Burn it, bury it, let it live,” you could put in a set of radio buttons in a side bar so that we can keep track of our point score. It’s just an idea, though.

    And thanks for keeping the editors out of bed. 😀

  11. Kaitlyn R. Miller Avatar

    Re: Editor incest: I’m glad to hear that. You know why? It tells me I was right not to apply for an editor position. Because my writing goals are much more important to me than editing, even though I think I would be qualified to be an editor. Now I can submit as a writer. When you’re open.

    Re: new site: I like the appearance of it overall. It’s definitely an improvement over this one. Just looking at the front page, though, I have a few critiques. The main one is the amount of space on the page above the actual content. I have a fairly small screen, but not tiny, and only about a third of the screen is taken up with content. “HollyLisle.com” is written twice in huge letters (once as an image), which seems redundant. If I were coming to that site not knowing anything about you, I would quickly lose interest, seeing information on only one book. If there was more on my screen than that, I would read for longer.

    Less important, the font is rather pale. I could always make it bigger, but I can’t make it darker.

  12. Laura B. Avatar
    Laura B.

    I like the new look very much! Very professional–much less distraction. The colors are cooler, and in that regard, don’t reflect your warm personality–but I think the site reflects the skills and talent that you offer with it’s clean organization and elegance (in both the design and practical/functional sense). The pdf button doesn’t yet work well, but I’m glad you’ve included it: the only issue I have with the three column structure is that it prints about 3 times the number of pages necessary, if a readers wants to print the webpage, because the text is formatted for the middle column of the page.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Both the PDF printout and the print page function are buggy, and Craig has been looking for fixes for both. I hope he can find them. Part of the appeal of that particular template for me was giving folks the option of saving a page they found to read later or offline.

  13. Rabia Avatar

    Holly, I do like the cleaner look, but it comes across as too cold and sterile to me. I think its those icy blues and greys that are doing it.

    1. Holly Avatar

      I’ve debated that. The new site runs on Joomla. Which means the whole icy white and blue look is a template set up on a system designed to swap templates at a moment’s notice.

      Which means…I can change my mind.

      Once it’s live and running and the bugs are out.

  14. Leona Wisoker Avatar
    Leona Wisoker

    Love the new look. Very clean and professional, easy to use. Great job!

  15. Nancy Avatar

    I think the site looks great. Easy to navigate, logically organized. Clean and easy to read too. Nice job.


  16. Rick Avatar


    The new website is much easier on my eyes, much more navigational-friendly, and I have to confess that the past few layouts have been a bit of a strain and tended to give me a headache. So this is a welcome change!

    I think sapphire has some pretty good feedback on specific issues, but I wouldn’t try to resolve the “white space” issue by adding more content to the front page – rather, maybe adjusting the size of the table (if it is a table) to take up or shade a bit more of the screen.

    That said, I love it, and am very happy you’ve done it. 🙂

  17. Donna June Avatar
    Donna June

    I am SO glad you redesigned! Love the clean and EASY to navigate through pages. It would be fabulous if both your Writing Diary and Holly Shop (and all your course pages) were exactly the same (I found myself fumbling to figure out how to navigate back without using my back key).

    I am not commenting on content here, because that is your decision and I am sure your designer was working with an older copy of the site anyway (because there are broken links). But as to the design and navigation, it is MUCH much better. More professional looking. Clean and crisp and easy to find things.

    I would recommend, to make navigation even easier, that you make clear which sections you are linking to on the Home Page content. For example – the Writing Diary is marked “Diary” in the nav bar, but in the actual excerpts it is called “What I’m Writing” and again, in the links it is called “Pocketful of Words”. I think I would settle on one label and use it everywhere possible. Or, at a minimum, two. Perhaps “Writing Diary” and “Pocketful of Words”? Also, where does the “Articles” section take us? To some list of articles on the “Writers” section? When I went to one of them, I couldn’t figure out where I was and where I could find more of the same type of thing. However, all this may be resolved once the design is settled and you start on the content, but labels are all important in the design too.

    All in all, LOVE IT!! Simplify simplify simplify! Thanks!

  18. Michelle Avatar

    I love it. Clean lines, clear text, no needless clutter. There’s nothing wrong with white space on a website as far as I’m concerned. To much junk crowding the page makes it hard to figure out where I want to go. I can easily see where everything is, and had no trouble navigating. The black text seems a little watered down, but aside from that I think it works.

  19. WandersNowhere Avatar

    Hi Holly,

    Nice clean navigation, but it is missing ONE vital element…your cheery mug!

    Seriously, it’s your site and your home on the web. I think having a picture was a nice personal touch.

    1. Holly Avatar

      Yeah, I want the picture back, too.

      I’m also going to have a video on the front page of me introducing new folks to the site and how to find all the stuff in it.

      1. WandersNowhere Avatar

        Awesome! Yes, that’d be a really nice touch, as long as it’s fairly small and quick to load. My experiences with trying to sell stuff on Second Life taught me that a surprising number of people out there still have old / slow computers, which makes adding new technology a bit of a dice game.

  20. sapphire Avatar

    Navigation is good.

    When the site first comes up, most of what I see on the Home page is white space. There’s no hint of the rich material you offer. Home does not entice me to view the other pages.

    Body type is grayed out and difficult to read. The optimal line length is between one and two alphabets: 26 to 52 characters long. There are too many/too few characters per line for optimal reading.

    The overall design is clean to the point of boredom. Almost clinical. It’s great to use book covers as the only graphic elements, but they’re sidelined, not dominant enough. Titles can barely be read and it’s hard to make out the artwork.

    On the Writers page, why is Forward Motion prominent when you’re no longer in charge of it? I know you want to highlight it, but… HTTS and HTYRN are currently in full swing, presumably bringing you in some decent money. Why are they minimized as if they’re

    Why do My Latest Novels appear on the Writers page and not on the Home page? At least those book covers are larger.

    On Links beneath HollyLisle.com, why does Affiliates come first? It’s not the most important link. Perhaps Affiliates should be a separate page. Again, HTTS and HTYRN are tiny, as if they’re unimportant.

    When I go to My Books, I expect to find all your novels. Instead, I find a mixture of featured nonfiction and fiction, with the nonfiction given priority. Why not junk the My Books page, and add fiction to Readers and nonfiction to Writers? Also, your full Bibliography (possibly as a link to Bibliography, possibly as a list of book titles as live links to where they can be bought) should be available where your featured books are shown.

    On the Author page, About the Author seems like filler. Why not just put the Autobiography here?

    There are little random boxes scattered around on the left. Some seem to have no relation to the page they’re on. Some seem redundant. There are too many.

    Overall, I’m confused about the purpose of the site. Right now it doesn’t have any focus, except maybe to throw all of everything on one URL. The organization seems strange, fragmented, arbitrary. In a puzzling contrast to the stark design, there is too much material in too many places–too many choices–with no strong purpose. The visitor is urged to go there-there-there by the overwhelming number of links, and is given no invitation to linger and absorb.

    What are the priorities? First to sell fiction, then to teach writers? Organize the material according to priorities. Here are some possibilities:
    Show all books in a dominant column on Home, starting with fiction at the top with writers’ nonfiction below. Use good-sized book covers and optimal line lengths with more readable text.
    Get rid of the My Books page. On the tabs after Home, list For Readers, For Writers, Author, HollyShop/Affiliates.
    Keep the blog running in the left column on Home and you don’t need a tab/page for Writing Diary.
    Get rid of the tiny links below HollyLisle.com. They give readers the option of leaving Home as soon as they land there. This is strengthened by the fact that there seems to be little else to do on Home (except leave it) because of all the white space.
    Make HTTS/HTYRN more prominent somewhere in a left or right column at the same position on Home and For Writers. Do the same for Contact on all pages.

    That’s all!

    1. djmills Avatar

      Sapphire, I disagree with most of your comments. My comments are for each paragraph you listed.
      Para 1: Disagree. Clean clear navigation options.
      Para 2: Characters per line is not relevant in web sites. The user adjusts the font size and the window size to suit their viewing apparatus, whether hand held, or monitor.
      Para 3: Disagree, the design is easy to read and locate and click on links, organized logically.
      Para 4: Design and content are two different things. Make up your mind whether HTTS and HTYRN should be easily accessible links or not and if so, why comment two paragraphs below.
      Para 5: If you study a lot of other author’s pages, they do not have their books on the home page. Holly displays them only in a side column, and advertising is allowed on each and every window in a site.
      Para 6: Refer to comment two paragraphs above. Secondly, it is a link to an Affiliates page.
      Para 7: You are inconsistent in your suggestions. There are links to purchase the books provided. Holly writes both fiction and nonfiction, so why should she not advertise them on her book page.
      Para 8: There is nothing wrong with the content on the author page.
      Para 9: Who decides how to subdivide the link lists? Holly, of course. I can understand the links provided on each of the pages, Writers, Readers, My Books and Author.

  21. Joyce Sully Avatar

    I like the font page design, which is a good bit tidier than the old one. The mellow blue scheme is easier on the eyes as well. But I did notice that the article on the front page–“Revision Requests”–has a broken link to “Concept Discussions.” I can’t get it to work either from that front page snippet or from the full article. The link as it appears in my browser is: http://beta.hollylisle.net/editors2.html. The error I get is:

    Internal Server Error
    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
    Please contact the server administrator, [no address given] and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error.
    More information about this error may be available in the server error log.
    Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    I hope this information helps.

  22. djmills Avatar

    Other than the fact it looks like you watered down the black ink to make it last longer, the site is great. Blue coloured text is good and easy to read. Size of font is good, and can be enlarged if needed. Clean clear pages, not overly busy, also good. Easy to find everything I remembered from your articles on main site. And looks good, too. 🙂

  23. Deb Salisbury Avatar

    I like the new site! Very clear and clean.

    The gray writing is a little hard to read. I’d need to darken it or bump up the size for a long article.

  24. Tina Avatar

    Re: New Site
    It’s very clean and concise, which I am a BIG fan of. It also looks very professional. In real life I am website editing and because I know how hellacious it can be to make sure all of your pages look the same I went through it carefully! Sometimes when you look at stuff a hundred times you can’t see anything anymore! 😀 There are a couple web sites I manage that give me hives when changes need to be made which is why many of them were switched over to Word Press. As an FYI I’m running Firefox 3.6.6 on a Windows 7 machine. The link in the header for Holly’s Writing Updates, Facebook and Twitter are great!

    Over all site:
    The Holly Lisle.com image in the header? I can see the difference between the white background and slightly off white background of the web site. Could be my monitor though.

    Off site links – some of them take you to a new page, some of them open the new site in the same window. For consistency it should be one or the other. Personally I’d pick open a new window because many times I like to refer back to the site I came from when I’m exploring.

    On pages that have a ‘header’ section that links to other sections on the same page I’d suggest a ‘top’ link at the end of each section. Otherwise the readers have to scroll back up. I’m not a scrolling fan personally but maybe it doesn’t bother most people.

    All pages – “Top” link in footer links to Internal Server Error page. That could just be because it’s beta but I did want to point it out.

    Love the idea of being able to convert pages to PDF but the handful that I clicked on the formatting on the PDF was off quite a bit; strange spaces, words/sentences overlapping.

    Section titles are the same color as the links. Might be confusing for some people as are links are not underlined unless you hover. Perhaps change the color for one or the other?

    Currently the http://beta.hollylisle.net/index.php/Read-Chapters/holly-lisles-create-a-language-clinic.html does not have all the same sidebar boxes as other pages. Have to click the back button to continue navigating the site. Intentional?

    Also, I think it would look cleaner and more cohesive if the sites for How to Think Sideways and How to Revise Your Novel mirrored what your new site will look like. Again, this could be the anal retentive in me. It could also be already planned.

    Page Specific:
    Home page:
    Under the Recent Articles section on the home page – I clicked those links and those pages (such as the Revision Requests article) did not have side bar boxes. Not sure if this is intentional or not but I did want to point it out.

    Writers Page:
    Nothing stood out.

    Readers Page:
    Nothing stood out.

    All My Books in One Place page:
    Under suspense – Night Echoes has a link to Order Now but all others have Buy BOOK TITLE.

    ARHEL NOVELS: from this section down the word buy is not capitalized and the title of the book is not all in caps like the previous sections.

    Hunting the Corrigan’s Blood section: Suggestion – to maintain consistency perhaps change the following:
    # buy the print version to Buy HUNTING THE CORRIGAN’S BLOOD – print version
    # buy the e-book version to Buy HUNTING THE CORRIGAN’S BLOD – e-book version

    The entire page needs to be reviewed for consistency in format; i.e. buy vs. Buy, Title vs. TITLE.

    Hawkspar is not under NOVELS OF KORRE. Thought they were in the same world/series?

    BARD’S TALE NOVELS – no blub for each book?

    Asterisk next to Suspense* links to error page. Why are Suspense titles listed in separate sections vs. under one section title Suspense? i.e. Section titled Suspense with Night Echoes and I See You and then separate section titled Suspense for each of Last Girl Dancing and Midnight Rain (P.S. I ADORE your Suspense titles!).

    Under the Devils’ Point section your collaborations are also listed. Perhaps a section title collaborations to separate these out?

    Mugging the Muse – should this be listed with your nonfiction instead of all alone on the bottom of the page?

    The please note section – very jarring with the yellowish background when everything else is nice, crisp & white. Perhaps make the background the same but have the text be in italics? A different color? Or – put this disclaimer in the beginning of the Suspense section, before the list of books starts. Then maybe you wouldn’t need the asterisk section at all?

    Author page:
    In the About the Author sidebar box your writing diary is listed as Weblog. Perhaps change it to Writing Diary to mirror what you have in your header page listing? In terms of internet jargon I’m not sure anyone calls it a weblog any more. If you don’t like the idea of changing it to Writing Diary maybe change it to blog?

    Bibliography page:
    LOVE the index! Love the return to index link. It appears that you’ve listed the type of book under the list of titles. i.e. The World Gates section – the titles are listed and under that it says Crossover contemporary fantasy trilogy. I’d suggest putting the explanation of the books under the section headers. For instance:

    Crossover contemporary fantasy trilogy
    Bulleted book titles

    Free Stuff sidebar – Link to Vision has changed. New link is http://www.visionforwriters.com/

    Offsite Articles sidebar
    Link to A Writer’s World is broken, not found
    Link to On Saying Goodbye is broken, not found.

    Whoa, I’ve gotten pretty deep into the site and pretty detailed in this. Most likely WAY more detailed then you need or want. I’ve just realized the time and that I need to go get my lunch ready for work tomorrow and dishes need to be done. Holly, the new site is amazing. All of the above are just my observations as a web site reader and a web site editor. You can toss them all to the curb. If you’d like an impartial set of eyes to review your new site in depth (checking for broken links, formatting consistency and the like) I’m more than happy to help. Just let me know.

    Also, I can’t tell you how happy I am to see you back on line. Your life has been insane lately and the fact that you are working through where you are now is a testament to your strength of character. I’m looking forward to more installments of TalysMana, more fiction and nonfiction from you.

    You’ve been missed on the interwebs!

    1. Holly Avatar

      I was actually hoping to get this level of detail from someone. The existing site has been patched together by me over the last thirteen years, across different hosts, in different providers, using different server technologies, standards, software, hardware, and varying levels of skill.

      It has become the ultimate ragged patchwork, and so tedious to update that I haven’t added a new article to the site in about two years. I’ve just updated the writing diary, but static articles matter, and I wanted to add more of them.

      To do so, I had to move to a content management system.

      I hired Craig to move me…I’d been promising myself for years that I’d make the switch, but I never had the skills or the time to learn the skills.

      With the new system in place, adding new articles should be as simple as adding a new weblog entry.

      Thanks for your detailed input.

  25. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R


    I really like the new site. It seems easier to find things and navigate. I agree that it does seem to me less original, but with your whit and practical thinking, it will be the same site we know and love.

    By the way, I have been enjoying retirement more than I should be and haven’t been working on the writing and revision like I had planned. So last night when I started looking through my favorite writing sights, I was pleasantly surprised to see how much you have been posting. I have missed your posts. I am glad the meds are working and still cheering for your medical team to find you what is ailing you.

  26. Fran Avatar

    Dear Holly,
    Re the new site design: although it is now very neat an orderly, for me it has lost the personal, writerly, hunt-through-the-pages and-discover-new-things feel. It is slick and commercial and as such no longer distinguished from a number of other such sites. Of course, this is only look, not content, so the question is will this appeal to as many or more new people and draw them in to look around? This I can’t answer, although judging by all the previous responses the answer would be yes.


    1. Laura B. Avatar
      Laura B.

      I thought about this issue, as well; I like the new site better than the old site, but there was a sense of searching for and finding treasures as I made my way through the old site (not that one can’t do that on the new site!). That’s how I came to appreciate Holly–by exploring the site and trying out free stuff, etc., and I have a sentimental fondness for that experience. On thinking about it, though, the HTTS and the HTRYN courses and now the Rebel Tale are amazing resources that offer material and opportunities of real quality and worth– and I see the new site as maturing to reflect that level of professionalism.

  27. Danielle Avatar

    RE: New Site

    Ooh, pretty and shiny! I love it. Let me reiterate what was said above–very crisp, neat, clean, and fantastically user-friendly. I am much impressed.

  28. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    Very clean look and feel. I really like it.

  29. Megs - Scattered Bits Avatar
    Megs – Scattered Bits

    Love the new site. It’s gorgeous and MUCH easier to navigate.

  30. Krista Avatar

    The new site is very appealing. Well done, I say!

  31. April Avatar

    The new layout is very clean and easy on the eyes, works for me! 🙂

  32. Vetta Avatar


    I love the new site – very clean lines and pleasing color combination. It works without annoying overuse of flash.

  33. Craig A. Eddy Avatar


    RE: your new site.

    I took a fast look around, running Firefox (actually Iceweasel. I’m running Debian Linux) 3.5.10 with NoScripts plugin and had no problems. BTW I congratulate you on the fact that it “just works” without resorting to massive javascript, flash, and/or other high-end coding.

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