By Holly Lisle

I really want to know who to blame for ear design. They’re okay when you’re upright. Not great. They don’t swivel so you can’t hone in on interesting sounds. They’re not very sensitive even at the best of times and with the best of ears.

But when you lie down, if you sleep on your side, you immediately lose hearing in the ear you’re lying on. Lying on your ear smunches it against your head, too, which hurts when you wake up (and sometimes hurts enough to wake you up). Predator and prey mammals usually have these great top-mounted swivelly ears that both still work whether the animals are upright or sleeping.

Yeah, my left ear is really sore this morning. It’s all because of faulty, poorly-thought out design. I suspect the hand of a committee, and the hiring of the lowest-priced contractor. I protest.

LATE ADDITION: Forgot to mention that Find Your Writing Discipline is finished, and available for download if you preordered. As of two days ago. Yesterday, my big activity was to catch up on my sleep. Sorry for forgetting to post the workshop update news here.

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