I really want to know who to blame for ear design. They’re okay when you’re upright. Not great. They don’t swivel so you can’t hone in on interesting sounds. They’re not very sensitive even at the best of times and with the best of ears.

But when you lie down, if you sleep on your side, you immediately lose hearing in the ear you’re lying on. Lying on your ear smunches it against your head, too, which hurts when you wake up (and sometimes hurts enough to wake you up). Predator and prey mammals usually have these great top-mounted swivelly ears that both still work whether the animals are upright or sleeping.

Yeah, my left ear is really sore this morning. It’s all because of faulty, poorly-thought out design. I suspect the hand of a committee, and the hiring of the lowest-priced contractor. I protest.

LATE ADDITION: Forgot to mention that Find Your Writing Discipline is finished, and available for download if you preordered. As of two days ago. Yesterday, my big activity was to catch up on my sleep. Sorry for forgetting to post the workshop update news here.

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7 responses to “Ears”

  1. Mokierock Avatar

    Hmm. Menstruation once a year. But then wouldn’t it last for us to 12 weeks. That would suck. As for the ears, I’d love my dog’s ears. My dog has these great big floppy beagle-like ears that can pick up sound for miles. I always wondered how that would be.

  2. Gabriele Avatar

    Lol, or the monthly menstruation. Once a year would be enough, really.

  3. Holly Avatar

    Not earwax. It’s the cartilege itself itself that hurts. I’ve gone through a bunch of different pillows trying to find one that won’t compress the cartilege against my skull, but no luck. And my stupid ears still ache.

    I watch the cats’ ears while they’re awake and while they’re sleeping, and I think, “THAT’S a practical design.” Up out of the way for lying down, mobile, flexible, and big enough to scoop sounds pretty well.

    As for childbirth [wince]… yeah. Women were definitely not in on designing THAT process.

  4. shawna Avatar

    Of. Of male entities. That’s what i get for editing what I said and not re-reading it before I hit submit.

  5. shawna Avatar

    …and the committee on labor and childbirth was composed solely by male entities.

  6. Chassit Avatar

    Lol, I always thought that ears like wolves would be so much handier. You could swivel them around to hear what you wanted, but not ours. I feel your pain, mine does that sometimes. Mine used to be because of the pillow I had, so I bought a new one.

  7. Gabriele Avatar

    That sounds like you got a lump of earwax in there. My mother had that 2-3 times a year and always got a professional cleaning at the ENT’s (which is less of a hassle in a country with some semblance of health insurance, I admit).

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