E-mail and Giveaway Books

Quick note to Sally with the books waiting—I’ve tried to answer your last several e-mails, but they keep bouncing.

Shipping is in US dollars, and I can send them to either England or Australia for the same price—just let me know which address you want them to go to.

I’ll get the other foreign books in the mail as soon as I can. It takes me about half an hour per box. I’ll try to make time for one each day until they’re done.

Will not be packing more boxes until after I’ve met my deadline (25th at the earliest), but will notify folks when the next Giveaway Books are ready.

And Stephanie, I’ll go ahead and remove you. Sorry for the financial difficulties. I totally understand.

On the deadline, writing is going better today. I might be done before midnight, which would be sweet.

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4 responses to “E-mail and Giveaway Books”

  1. Chassit Avatar

    Oh, Holly!! I totally forgot to tell you that my books arrived a few weeks ago in perfect condition. I had to hide them in my room–my younger sibling was already eyeing them. I’ve spent the last week with my nose buried in your books. Thanks again, and sorry that it took so long for me to reply. Honestly, if my head weren’t attached I’d leave the house without it…and that’d make driving really hard.

  2. Carlie Avatar

    Also, I forgot to let you know that my books arrived in Australia on monday in great condition. Thank you so much Holly!

  3. Stephanie M. Avatar
    Stephanie M.

    Thank you. On the bright side, my not getting books means somebody else further down the list will, which is a happy thing. 🙂

  4. shay Avatar

    hi holly, thanks for the note, not sure why the emails are bouncing back…strange. Anyway, I can probably get payment off to you soon depending on when my next paycheck arrives 🙂

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