Dumped on by Fay

We’ve been dealing with Fay all day. Internet on and off, power on and off. Mostly on, and the big issue is rain, of which we’re getting a lot. But we’ve got the tornado watch too until this evening.

Lots of fun.

Writing-wise, I’m STILL writing lesson seven, (and saving frequently) which is all about how to plan a novel without getting sucked into the whole worldbuilding, storybuilding time sink. It’s an enormous lesson, and I’ve logged nightmare hours this week working on it. I’m trying in vain to remember what regular sleep is like.

BUT…. I love what I’m getting.

The lesson itself is done. And I only have two more modules on developing just the critical parts of the story in planning (of the eight) to go.

When I laid this course out, I thought each week would have just one technique. Hell, I thought I’d be working forty-hour weeks at most. Hah. I think so far, I may have had one week with just one technique, and my average work-week has been 60 hours.

I keep telling myself the prep work is the most massive part of this, and that when we get into acutally writing, my schedule will get more sane.

At this point, I’m not sure I believe me.

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5 responses to “Dumped on by Fay”

  1. cristinabejar Avatar

    Hello Holly! I can’t stop saying thank you! I took a break from writing, traveling to the big city and working again as a training consultant, but tonight I shall go home. I had been having problems “drawing” a map, so when i get home, i will make a terrain model from recycled paper. I’ve decided to follow your advice though albeit in 3D fashion. The environment does play a big role in affecting the culture of a “race” or “people”. I want to be able to see for myself how it will turn out. When the terrain model is done, i shall take a picture and send it to you. Thank you again!

  2. Holly Avatar

    Jess, you get huge thanks from me. I’m grateful for every copy. 😀

  3. Jess Avatar

    Completely unrelated:

    I picked “The Ruby Key” for my August staff recommendation at The Bookstore, and I am fortuitous in that every month my book sells at least three copies, which given the size of my store, is dern good. (I think I may have a future in copy writing… jk!)

  4. Holly Avatar

    I’m enjoying putting it together, and I’m thrilled with the breakthroughs people are having.

    I just wish I could do all the cool things I keep thinking of to add faster.

  5. teresa Avatar

    But I, for one amongst many, am very very very grateful for all the time and effort you’re putting into this. My writing is already improving, and I’m totally enjoying this course.

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