DTD—Night off with the AFK

By Holly Lisle

I took last night off. No words. The Air Force Kid is home on leave before going back to the desert for another 6 months, and we sat up and talked and played video games and just hung out together until about 3:30 AM.

If you’re playing “Write a book with me,” here are a few options for the occasional scheduled nights when I don’t write:

  • Write whatever you’ve chosen as your minimum word count.
  • Use the night for planning upcoming scenes (write out index cards, look over what you’ve already written and take note of where you left various characters you don’t want to forget, or whatever you do to plan what comes next)
  • Research some topic you’re going to need in your book, and take notes for JUST the scene where you’ll need it.
  • Go to a movie, read a book, or study something else creative that folks have done, and ask yourself “How well did the creator do this, and why do I think that?”
  • Take the night off, too.

Today is the AFK’s last night at home, but since he has to drive tomorrow, I’m guessing it’ll be an early night…and if it is, I’ll write. If not, I’ll post tomorrow so you’ll have a place to check in with what you did.

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