DTD: 626 words, and villains in the penthouse

By Holly Lisle

Okay. So it WAS something I ate, and it clobbered both Matt and me. The kid ate the same thing, and lots of it, and came through unscathed—which I guess is the advantage of being eleven with a cast-iron stomach.

Anyway. I’m feeling much better tonight, and got sucked into the story when I met my second villain. She’s my primary antagonist—and she wasn’t at all as I’d imagined her. She and Derok got to talking, and while he perpetually gives me the creeps, she’s rather charming on the surface. Since I know what she’s like underneath, this exterior charm actually made her scarier to me.

For those of you doing the Intermediate Level of the “Write a book with me” game, I got carried away when they began playing off each other and ran over my planned word limit.

You get to quit at 500 words if you’re so inclined.

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