DTD — 585 words, and a prisoner

Got started, almost couldn’t make myself stop—and ran a bit over as it was.

A bit of Ki’s motivation for living as he does; the aftermath of the explosion; and Aleksa taken prisoner…and damned curious about why.

It was a great way to start the writing week.

If you’re pacing me, you can stop at 500. And for anyone playing Write A Book With Me… how did your writing day go?

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45 responses to “DTD — 585 words, and a prisoner”

  1. ValMarie Avatar

    449 words on Monday and went back to fix something that I had rushed through. The scene reads much better now.

  2. Clare K. R. Miller Avatar

    679 words for the 12th. An unexpected ally–isn’t that one of the steps in the Hero’s Journey?

  3. Karen van Wyk Avatar

    818 today. I’m really pleased with that as so much has gone wrong today. I’m not going to get a lot of time on the computer tomorrow so I’ll probably take a writing break and check back in on Wednesday.

    1. Nancy Avatar

      Nice wordage, especially for a yucky day. Hope things even out for you!

  4. Jessica Avatar

    401 so far. Broke the 5K start line and I’m into Chapter 2 now. Although after the weekend’s great success I had a bunch of new ideas and now reading the first new scene I realize I’m just re-stating what’s happened only in a different part of the world. >:p
    It’s ok though, think I can salvage most of it and rework the dialogue.

  5. Nancy Avatar

    Urrrggghhh! I just had a walk on demand more lines and a bigger part. Next thing you know, she’ll be wanting more money. She’s going to get it too — I don’t know where she came from, but she’s going to add some really sweet conflict (can I actually use those words in conjunction with one another?) — and she’s an awesome foil character.

    But dang it, the plot is veering into strange country. So far, so good — I’m still heading for the big candy bar scene. But I had no idea I’d have so much unplanned for company on the trip…

  6. Mike P. Avatar
    Mike P.

    391 on Monday morning. It seemed to just flow out with minimal hiccups. I’ll be returning to my WIP tonight with the goal of 500+ total for monday.

  7. DasteRoad Avatar

    Had issues with net access this weekend for some reason… -.-
    Got no actual writing done, but did lots of planning and even figured out something that was bugging the heck out of me at the beginning of the story. Holly, thanks for making me discover the tool of clustering! Before I knew about your clinics and your HtTS course I use to plan the plot by writing longhand on a notebook, or directly on the computer: the problem stood in the verb “writing”. Writing sentences and articulated prose isn’t always the best thing to do when you need to get ideas on paper, and don’t know yet where they will lead you! I still write sentences and paragraphs down when I’m planning, but only when I’m through with clustering, dot & line and other more direct techniques, so I can have a quick and clear reference of the final result I’ve obtained. And it feels so good 🙂

  8. Laura Avatar

    1883 words and a few big surprises. The twins, owners of the corp. merged in one person, my FMC had a panic attack and I still have no idea how it’s going to end. I hope I can keep this pace up.

  9. Anambika Avatar

    400 + and counting, nice flow of words, my story teller in my story is still continuing his story, and he is doing a good job. Mine is an epic fantasy, full of magic, Holly, after your comment, I examined the logic behind the kind of magic I use in my book, and I found none, I mean, no problems in terms of logic: On demand, I can expound the theory even in terms of physics. but, I am not going to do so. Oh! my reader, Perceive my dreams or perish in them, I will only present them 🙂

  10. Kait Nolan Avatar

    1216 baby! WOO! I did a big push yesterday while hubby was tied up with other stuff, and made my weekly goal, finished with the troublesome scene with my non-communicative villain, and really feel like I’m getting back in the groove. If only I knew what happened next…

  11. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    A little over 500 words on my short story. I almost feel that I am pushing to fast, but I like seeing how a word count works on a daily basis. I do feel that I am zapping my muze of all energy. I also wrote about 200 words of notes on my other project. It is great to see the word count go consistantly up!

  12. Khena Avatar

    I wrote 1k words Sunday, but I was trying to hard I think. I had the notecard out I meant to write, but two of my characters just decided to have a little chat and get to know each other instead. There was a great deal of internal conflict, but I’m not really sure if it’s relavent to the story or not.

    Either way, I plan to try that notecard again today with a fresh sheet. Hopefully now that the two girls have had their chat, they’ll be willing to go along with what I want.

    1. Nancy Avatar

      Gotta love it when they take over! I had one scene in a murder mystery where the MC and the potential love interest went to a restaurant where the vic had been killed and spent about ten pages yakking at one another. Some fascinating character stuff came out of it that I never would have known otherwise, but it completely drained away all the tension I’d been building in the storyline. I ended up cutting most of the scene — but it helped me get to know the characters better and there were a couple of really good lines that made it to the final draft.

      Sometimes you just gotta give the horse its head, so to speak.

  13. Scarlett Avatar

    No writing over the weekend as usual. There are just too many people in the house making demands at the weekend for me to be able to do anything. Anyway made up for it today with a storming session. 4000 words!!! I cant believe it. I have never written so much in one go. Now I need to clear my head, so I’m off for a walk.

  14. Sarah Collins Avatar

    A finished chapter 12 and 1,618 words for me for Sunday! It’s all “easy” again, which is further proof that switching direction was definitely in order. I didn’t realize how frustrated I was before, but darn if it’s not loads of fun now! WIP is at 28,205 words and counting (hopefully forward this time, LOL).

    1. Anambika Avatar

      Keep it up! keep it up! keep it up!

  15. Anambika Avatar

    Hi Holly and others,

    When I went through the previous post, ‘Write a book with me – Friday’, I got an inspiration to write something short and sweet? you have to tell. It is about this forum. Read it below, if Holly does not moderate it 🙂

    Oh! Holly! The piece would not have let me be at peace, if I had not written it and posted it.

    1. Anambika Avatar

      Listen guys and gals, here is a story that needs to be heard. And keep in your hearts, the moral it leaks 🙂

      Beside the busiest information highway that skirts the internet cafés, there is a little e-school of magic, run by a witch-teacher who is generous of heart and noble of thought. Day and night students from all over the world seek help, ask doubts, and learn how to draw pentagrams and cast spells that would teach them how to conjure fantastic fictional dreams.
      Among those worthy students, there is this worthy? Fellow by name BIGMOUTH. A real big trashcan mouth he has with which he boasts what he achieves, and toasts what others achieve, often with his tongue in his cheek. A pompous a___ he is, and acts as Mr. Know-all.
      Whenever the witch-teacher does go out, and a student has a doubt, Bigmouth will be there beside him/her, offering expert advice: “use this color of chock, remove this rune, write that symbol this way”, as if thousand conjuring he had performed in the past. Alas! That fellow is a novice, as green as a toad. Had the students heed his advice, who knows? A rat would have come out of their hat, instead of a rabbit, or even a hobbit – alive and kicking.
      Thank the heavens and the million stars above, nothing happens so, for the teacher is there always, alert and quick to spot the trouble and clear it all. Thousand and one chore she may have, and time she may not , to talk to you all (her students), but trouble if she finds, in a jiffy, she will come and stand, and will offer her helping hand.

      Thousand Hail Marrys and Hail Holy Fathers – let the witch-teacher live long 🙂

      Answer the following questions:
      1. Who is the Witch-teacher?
      2. Who is Bigmouth?

      Wait, I forgot to tell you,
      The moral of the story is,
      Ask Mr. Bigmouth to give you advice, if you want the teacher’s immediate attention.

      1. megan Avatar


  16. Belle Avatar

    Sunday was my day off from writing, unless I count several hours and countless words it took to sign up on a new job-hunt website. It was the best site I have seen so far and I wound up doing a lot of editing on my resume that I like. I am kinda hoping my books get further along before a job materializes.

    1. Red_dot Avatar

      OOhh I couldn’t agree with you more.

  17. Sari Avatar

    Only 175 tonight. Been so busy the last couple of days I’m struggling to fit writing time in and I miss being able to write for a couple of hours without having to rush off to do something else. Hopefully that luxury is not too far away.

    Got my furry kitty cat companion back tonight though (after a $780 vet bill – ouch!).

    MC is about to have something major revealed to her about her importance in being the potential saviour to more than one world full of people. Left off in a place that will make it easy for me to keep going tomorrow.

    Night everyone. Happy wording 🙂

    1. Jessica Avatar

      Hey Sari, glad you finally got your cat back! Hopefully she’s doing much better now and will inspire you with your writing. 🙂

    2. Nancy Avatar

      Glad the kitty is safe at home now!

    3. The Pencil Neck Avatar
      The Pencil Neck

      Great to hear about the kitty.

      Someday, if you’re good, I’ll tell you the story of the $2100 stone.

      Unless i already have. In which case, nevermind.

    4. Debora Avatar

      Glad your kitty is back. Is he/she feeling better now?

      1. Sari Avatar

        Meeka (the cat) is doing a lot better. Back to her old silly playful self. She’s very skinny though, a result of not eating for about 4 days. And she just stomped all over the keyboard resulting in me having to write this message again 🙂

  18. Ieva Avatar

    500+ words. Nothing special, just things “that had to be said” and thus will have to be edited. But I drove these buggers to the next cliffhanger, so it’s OK.

    I also have some sort of “middle blues” in between “I won’t ever finish it” and “I’ll wrap it up at 50 K as I won’t have nothing else to say” and, of course, “it’s all meaningless drivel” and “I won’t get it published anyway, so why try”, and “I’ll have to edit that whole thing!!!” blues that got somewhat doused by my husband who knows all the right answers (so I gotta go somewhere else to sulk about it ;D). I hope it’ll get better when I get my frustration out on my characters. And finish other things I have to do ATM.

  19. Debora Avatar

    Got nothing done on Saturday, because there seemed to be something seriously wrong with my dog, who is a neurotic beagle-mix named Sam. All of a sudden his back legs seemed weak and he either couldn’t or decided against jumping up on the couch or the bed. My husband and I were both frantic, but to make a long story short (she confesses with an embarrassed grin), it was nothing neurological, he does not have hip dysplasia, there was no calcified disc pressing painfully against his spinal cord . . . he was constipated!

    Got back to writing on Sunday. 462 words. Making slow but steady progress.

    1. Nancy Avatar

      Aw, poor baby. Hope he’s feeling better and glad it was something so simple. But terrible for you — with all the worry. My 4-legged child is 14, and everytime he sleeps too soundly I have to go poke him to make sure he’s okay!

      1. Debora Avatar

        Child is the operative word. Sam is my first canine companion. We also have three cats, who are admirably more independent. Really hope Sam makes it to 14, too, but only if he’s got a good quality of life.

        A little mineral oil works wonders:-)

  20. Minze Avatar

    468 words today. My heroine is having a cup of tea with two very respectable murderers. Writing that was fun.

    1. Nancy Avatar

      Oooh, a delightfully wicked little tea party! Very “Murder By Numbers” (one of my favorite Sting songs).

  21. Cat (from HtTS) Avatar

    I am on track with my translation (doing two pages a day weekends included) but didn’t write on the WIP because my brother in law visited. Also, the kids are on holiday so it’s harder to find the 3-4 hours I need for writing (and I am NOT an evening person).

    In my WIP my main character has just learned that her trusted mentor is going to be executed and there is nothing she can do about it. So she is plotting her revenge on the traitor. I’m looking forward to writing the next scenes.

  22. megan Avatar

    At LAST! 667 words!! On a new story, one that has ben in the back of my mind for a little while. THe one I have been agonising over, well, I might have found some solutions, but not enought to write with. Anambika and Sari helped there although not directly, just something they each said tricked off a sidewayas idea that i hadn’t seen b4, thanx guys. So I am letting it lay a little and finding out about his new world. I feel wonderfull, like singing inthe rain or something to be finally writing.

    So looking fwd to be reading hol’s book one day.

    1. Anambika Avatar

      Wonderererereful to hear that!
      Never hesitate to seek advice,
      IT’S FREE!!!
      Seek advice alright, but heed them at your peril

      Don’t worry, there’s always Holly to haul us out.

  23. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    250 words today. Almost completed my villain (or possibly MC) conflict chart.

    I wasn’t really planning to write at all today. I didn’t log in on Friday or Saturday and post word counts. I only wrote down about 100 words total.

    My wife and I drove down to Houston on Friday. Then on Saturday, I played guitar at a 30 year reunion of a gig I played at when I was 17. There were probably almost 100 people there and most of those people had been at that original gig. I hadn’t seen most of those people in 25 or more years. It was crazy. (A lot of them I didn’t recognize or remember.)

    We drove back home this afternoon. I didn’t think I’d write tonight but I was catching up reading the threads and y’all guilted me into it. It’s your fault.

  24. Jamie D. Avatar

    It’s 11:57pm here…and I got 271 words before bed. Eventually I’ll get up to the “pace”, but for now, at least I got this much!

    Now to sleep.

  25. KQ Avatar

    Around 1000 for the whole weekend. I never seem to work on the weekends! I suppose I’ll get back into it for the next week.

  26. Nancy Avatar

    Not my best day — 425 words, some of which were notes about what I’ll work on tomorrow. I’m so beat, I’m surprised I managed what I did. I’m almost looking forward to the EDJ tomorrow. Still in all, they were good words, and 425 words I wouldn’t have had if not for this. And they set the stage for further “bad things happen” down the road. So no regrets.

  27. Julia GD Avatar
    Julia GD

    I was writing a character sketches that might or might not make it into a book after revision. Got absolutely caught up in a scene and went over 1500 words. The idea was to place a character into a totally unfamiliar and uncomfortable settings and see how he/she copes.
    Well, he did. But everyone else… It was fun and I’ll probably keep it, since if I was laughing hysterically while writing it, many other people would too. And that’s the goal of that scene.

  28. Suzanne Avatar

    Over 1000 today, although it sort of only makes up for nothing on Friday and Saturday (fell asleep both nights!) But the best part is that I’ve stumbled into a new scene that I had not planned but am loving, so I am actually going to try to do another 500 before bed while the thoughts are churning around in my brain.

  29. Eve Avatar

    I managed just over 1300 words today. I may make something of the muddle in the middle yet.

  30. unxplaindfires Avatar

    1080 words today and the strange just keeps coming.

    When I decided to write with you I had about 94 words of a scene where two friends having lunch debate whether or not someone eating a cheeseburger could be a vampire. ie. I had nothing.

    Now I am closing in on 10K in words (chapter 4 done today) I have five characters fleshed out and a whole world crawling around inside my head. I didn’t even have a point to that initial scene let alone a plot for a whole story. Now I just can’t seem to stop. I love this story and it came out of no where. Thanks Holly, your challenge brought it out of me.

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