DTD—510 words, and Dija twists my mind

I was completely stunned by the final twist in tonight’s scene. Dija (currently the name for my petite, charming master of evil) has been looking for someone for a very long time. She found out tonight from Derok that a probable ally has returned to New York City, and this ally could be her someone.

I thought I had an idea who she was looking for. Tonight, she told me…and my jaw is still on the floor.

I have to ask myself some questions about how, and who, and when, and why. But not tonight. This scene flew, it ran away with me, it was fun, and though I’m done with the scene, I now know I’m going to have to get inside Dija’s head more, because she’s got layers I never even guessed at.

For folks playing Write A Book With Me on Intermediate, you can wrap your count at 500. (Well, you can wrap it anywhere you please, actually… but…)

7-9-2009—Late comment:

Because I wiped out last night and missed reading all of these, I’m going to go through and specifically answer questions. Please take my cheering for your success as implied.

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By Holly

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Raydeen Graffam
13 years ago

532 words… 🙂 my first day and lookin’ like this will work

13 years ago

Not my normal production went from 9406 to 10029 623 words I may take a few days off. Plot is going well a good trajectory, but something is missing and not sure what is. I’m one of those who think writing is mostly sub conscious, working full time doesn’t help Dean Koontz talks about this in his “How to write best selling fiction”. My last two novels where not strait though affairs the first took 18 months to write a rough draft the last five months, and I can tell when the drill is starting hit bedrock. I’ll be back Sunday.

Have a good weekend

Karen van Wyk
13 years ago

I’m beginning to wonder how on earth I got through NaNoWriMo two years in a row. I only made 137 words today.

I might manage a few more before bed but I have to hit the gym first.

Cat (from HtTS)
13 years ago

I didn’t write a word because I had to pick up the kids from their vacation at their grandparents.

13 years ago

Got 334 words done yesterday, which may not sound like a lot, but I had very little time to write. I write in the morning. I am definitely a morning person. By the end of the day my head is so full of accumulated stimuli I can’t concentrate worth beans. This morning I have more time available, so I hope to get deeper into the scene I’m writing. It’s patchy right now, as I switch back and forth between what’s happening at the moment and bits and pieces of backstory. Don’t want any infodumps.

Today I need to stand in my map and really look around to figure out what characters and places, both fictional and historical, I would be likely to see at this moment of crisis. At this point I can slip in and out of the MC’s world with relative ease. I have her voice quite clearly in my head, but what I don’t know yet is how she interacts with or really feels about the other characters. I learn as I go, as I am still in the very early stages of writing the actual book.

I know what I’ve planned, but expect to be surprised!

Brent B.
Brent B.
13 years ago

731 words today. For me, that’s big. My word count goal for the week was 2,000 and I’m already at 2,252 with two day left on my weekly schedule to add more. Feeling good about that.

For the writing itself, I still want the words to be awesome right now. I had to keep reminding myself this is the primer coat. It’s supposed to look a little gray at times. The shiny coat comes later, much later.

For the story, Cricket picks the middle of her sister’s wedding to have an inner crisis. She makes a selfish and rude exit. Dashing off like there’s no tomorrow on her broom, she draws way, way, way to much magic; it makes her rat-hammered-on-toast sick. She falls out of the sky, crashes into the dirt, and breaks her broom. Serves her right! How dare she run out on her sister’s big day?

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