DTD — 500 even, and something that floored me

My male lead just destroyed something amazing in order to keep the Balegarn from using it against him. I didn’t expect this to happen at all, and the fact that something so immense happened this early in the story shocked me.

And my female lead is unnerved by assumptions the hero is making about their future—at this point nothing romantic is involved or even hinted at on either end, so she’s pretty justified in her reaction.

Good writing night. The words flowed, and the arrival of an echo from the Spanish Inquisition into modern-day Manhattan certainly spiced things up.

So that’s me. How about you?

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54 responses to “DTD — 500 even, and something that floored me”

  1. Danielle Lanois Avatar

    Another 420 in a scene that I’m pretty sure will eventually be chopped, but it’s letting me explore my characters at home, away from work. It’s fun for me, if nothing else!

  2. Stormlyht Avatar

    1416 more into my story and I’m really beginning to like my MC. Guess I should since, you know, he’s my MC but you know… sometimes they have to grow on you. 🙂 So I’m enjoying it!

  3. Belle Avatar

    My previous post is “awaiting moderation” again. The one a few days ago never posted then disappeared. I am pretty sure I have not said or posted anything inappropriate, so I am not sure what this is about.

  4. Belle Avatar

    No word count today. Still doing research and translating an old, old document, using computer, so I get the idea though not the exact words. I hope to have notecards done by bedtime Sunday, writing starts again Monday morning.

  5. Anna Avatar

    Okay, okay… So I’m better at keeping up with the writing than I am at keeping up with the posting. *shrugs* What can I say? My family wishes I would call more, too. So far this week, I’ve gotten about 4200 words. Chapter 4 received some fine-tuning last night, and now I’m about 3/4 done with Chapter 5. *whew* I hope I can keep it up. Only a week and half left before I go back to working full time and my husband begins his 3rd year of law school—which is madness enough, all by itself. *grins*

  6. Dawn K. Avatar
    Dawn K.

    Spent my writing time doing research. When I started I felt down about my story but now I’m feeling much better. I think it was a day well spent though it produced no word count.

  7. Mikaela Avatar

    I got 1000 words on my WIP today. I am pleased with the words, which were nice and twist. I could have written more, but the chapter was done, and I lacked the motivation. Plus, I need to think about the next chapter. It will be emotional, but fun to write. Not to my POV character, though.

  8. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    0 words for me. Work was busy. My daughter ended up at the emergency room to check a dog bite on her stomach. She is fine. Plus, a 50th birthday party for a friend. Very busy!

  9. Danielle Gronwold Avatar
    Danielle Gronwold

    Not sure of the word count, but I wrote a good five pages, and I have tiny handwriting. I would guess about 300-400, which is about what I’d expected.

    My MC just discovered that a) she has a deep and confusing connection to a man she’s never met, b) her brother absolutely hates him, and c) her mother might be dying, and no one’s exactly sure why.

    Tomorrow she gets to discover that her twin sister is moving an ocean away to marry a man she’s never met, and at some point soon she will have the fun of a sudden and surprising premonition of destruction for her home.

    For a moment, I kinda felt bad for her, but… nah, she can take it. Liviana’s too stubborn to let stuff like that get her down.

  10. Jim Mitchel Avatar

    Still moving through chapter 7.

    Today I made it to the original starting point from my outline/chapter breakdown.

    The MC has been taking me on a slight detour.

    Word count for today: 331
    Word count for yesterday: 253

  11. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    599 words.

    I wrote when I got up this morning and I hoped to write some more after getting home from work, but this is my 2nd day in Bangalore and I’m so jet lagged it’s not EVEN funny.

    But in today’s scene, my sheriff went looking for his wife at one of his daughter’s house so that he could try to convince her to come back and got an earful on how he was never around and always working and doesn’t even know his kids or his wife. He tried to defend himself but his kid got pretty brutal about it. And then his daughter said something that was a kinduva clue in the case he was investigating before he got fired… and OFF he goes to see if he can figure out what’s going on, doing exactly the same thing his daughter accused him of doing all through her childhood.

    And pretty soon, he’s going to realize that.

    And it’s not going to be pretty.

    At least, I hope it’s not going to be pretty.

  12. Faith Avatar

    662 yesterday. I was very pleased, since I was only going to push for 250. Yay!

  13. Erin T Avatar
    Erin T

    214 for me last night. This character’s voice is suddenly working for me – and last night I saw her in my dreams. And that, friends, hasn’t happened in a LONG time. To say I’m happy – well, that’s a bit of an understatement. 🙂

    1. Patricia Avatar

      That is so cool! I also saw my character while I was dreaming the other night, and I saw his face so clearly he must have been flesh and blood standing right next to me instead of a figment of my imagination. It’s funny, because he is the only thing I remember about my dream.

      1. Erin T Avatar
        Erin T

        Those are the best dreams, aren’t they? 🙂

    2. laurel Avatar

      I love these dreams, fabulous!


  14. Kait Nolan Avatar

    601 yesterday! Again I’m pleased. I seem to be jumping around a lot. When I made the revisions to my outline, it necessitated inserting a few new scenes throughout the early part of the book (I’m on the cusp of Act 3), and I seem to be stuck in a place where my brain won’t let me move forward until I plug the holes. Almost as if my ship can’t sail because it’s leaky or something. But either way it’s progress and must be written, so I’m not complaining.

  15. Khena Avatar

    516 words yesterday. I finally finished up a scene where my MC found out she is responsible for what happens next. She’s feeling irritated, and her companions are feeling left out. I wrote a hundred or so words in the next scene, and they were already fighting.

    I’d like to get my word counts up bit, where I was last week, but my characters aren’t cooperating yet. But I managed to pass the 30k mark, so things are still going well!

  16. Shawn Avatar

    I only got 193 words. It was my son’s birthday, though, and that took some time. I really hope that what I’ve heard is true and that the rewrite is where I can forge something salable out of this mess. The story is progressing, but that’s all it’s doing. It’s not rushing ahead, dragging me with it on a ride that makes my mouth dry and my stomach clench. I haven’t gotten that fluttery happy feeling when things are rolling out almost effortlessly and you think, “Oh, that’s so FREAKIN’ cool!” However, since it’s easier to fix something than nothing, I’ll keep going, shoulder down and bulling through the malaise, but smiling in the hope that this will one day pay off.

    1. Larkk Avatar

      When I started writing (not so long ago) I didn’t even know where the word counter was, and felt pretty much like you do but I had something I just needed to say. I kept at it anyway, and it did-take off! Once that happened I was hooked. You’ll find it sooner than you think. Have faith in yourself.

      1. Shawn Avatar

        Thanks for the encouragement. I think I need to find a good writing group (of course, who wants to find a bad one?) to crit my work. I start feeling the suffocating effects of self-doubt after a few thousand words and always trash what I’ve got as hopeless. Whining aside, I think that posting here on a regular basis and feeling like I’m not alone will help in that regard.

  17. Roma Avatar

    I managed to write 1000 words!!! YAY!

    1. Patricia Avatar

      Congratulations on the word count!

  18. Charlene Teglia Avatar

    Research/worldbuilding on new future project, revised 3.5K of new current project and wrote about 200 words.

  19. Jessica Avatar

    Somewhere around 600, didn’t have time to count it up. But it’s a really fun scene and I’m loving every minute of it!

    And as for the goose… no harm to human or fowl. We went down with some bread slices, lured him up onto the bank and after a few nibbles he seemed to be inspired (or fed up with being hindered by the plastic bag) and pecked it off himself. That was pretty cool! He’s back with his family now, circling the pond. Gotta love a happy ending!

    1. Nancy Avatar

      Godo to hear about the words — and the goose. Happy endings all round!

  20. Larkk Avatar

    Started writing Libra’s story, and read about world building. It’s a lot to take in! But as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day…
    Then curled up with my laptop just to write. Broken as it may be, I just want to go there, and make things right.

    606 not very exciting words.

    1. Larkk Avatar

      It’s the story that’s broken, not the laptop! Should’ve proofed that better…darn it.

  21. Leah Avatar

    Yesterday (your today) Japan-time, 1500 words. I’m really tired today, but perhaps I’ll squeeze a few in before bed.

  22. Minze Avatar

    …dispose OF a time bomb. Sorry. Tired.

  23. Minze Avatar

    362 words. Nothing exciting happened. My male lead had to make a decision about the best way to dispose a time bomb.

  24. megan Avatar

    Nothing new for me, getting into the swing of school is well, getting there I guess. Probaly Mondays will be my main wriring day for a while. Ran my story idea past someone and she liked it, so that was encouraging. Anyway I think I will be checking in less often, although reading what everyone is doing.
    Holly, like other’s have said, can’t wait to read your story.

  25. Brian P. Avatar
    Brian P.

    Only 175 words tonight – got stuck on how to start the scene. Once I got it, I had a brief burst of steam then ran aground again. (sorry for the mixed metaphor…) I’m unsure whether I want to delve into my MC’s thoughts, a description of the landscape, or a little history. I’m sure I’ll work all three into the next couple of scenes, but I need to sleep on the problem.

  26. Cat (from HtTS) Avatar

    1568 words and nearly back on schedule. I’m more than happy albeit a bit tired because I caught a flue. Hope it doesn’t get worse.

    1. djmills Avatar

      I hope it is not the swine flu. Rest when the kids are back at school.

  27. Greg Avatar

    603 words for me today

  28. laurel Avatar

    I wrote three scenes and reworked one of the scenes to add more emotional intensity. Writing different scenes, not in any particular order, is new for me, unnerving, exciting and terrifyingly strange. I am also exploring sounds, I like, for the language I am beginning to fathom creating for this book.


    1. Ieva Avatar

      Sounds for a new language are sooo fascinating.

      (I’ve been careful with those though, since when I last tried the sounds of my new language. The speakers have beaks. I was in my favorite cafe.)

      1. laurel Avatar

        Hi Ieva

        Laughter is the best, she types still giggling.

      2. Patricia Avatar

        Discovering the sounds of a language really is fascinating (and quite amusing sometimes), but what happens when you don’t have the vocal cords to pronounce a certain sound? For example, some of the people in my book are very feline, and they have a sound like a growl in their language. I’m not a cat or a dog, so I can’t growl like they do. Do I just have a symbol representing that growl and leave it up to the reader’s imagination? The problem is that it would be difficult to pronounce any of the names or words, like the name Smára for example.

        It is pronounced first with a slight smacking of the lips, like the “sma”, in smack. But then the voice suddenly lowers in pitch to growl the “r”, before pronouncing the final “a” gently. The accent mark just means that the syllable is stressed. It sounds easy to say in theory (at least to me it does) but I can’t say it properly, and instead of growling the “r” I find myself rolling it, which could be an acceptable alternative I guess.

        1. laurel Avatar

          Your evocative smara sound stirs the wild as I gift it with a wayward voice.

  29. Brent B. Avatar
    Brent B.

    Things progressing well. But I think I need to work on making a map or two.

  30. Patricia Avatar

    I haven’t been able to post for the past three days because my computer suddenly got a virus, but I sent it a get well card and it seems to be feeling much better now. I didn’t really write much on the actual book because I like typing on my laptop, but that didn’t stop my progress because I got some research done and some plot cards written, and even a bit of concept art and illustrations on the side. (It is really, really fun to make up mythical beasties)

    Anyways, I am now back and better than ever, and I am quite happy with the 623 words I wrote today. There is one particular paragraph of description that I like a lot for some unknown reason. In fact, I like it so much I would like to share it with you if you don’t mind. Critique is welcome if you want, though keep in mind it’s just the first draft. My MC describes a young satyr…

    “He could hardly have been any older than eight years. The small horns only barely poked out through his thick locks, and the fur on his face was like peachy fuzz the color of ginger tea. His thin arms seemed swallowed up in the linen shirt he wore, and his pants were frayed at the bottom as if he had cut them to the appropriate length with a knife. He balanced on small, cloven hooves, and he seemed almost to be standing on tip toe as he smiled up at us with pearly white teeth…”

    1. Brent B. Avatar
      Brent B.

      I love the way you paint vivid details. Your use of ginger tea (literally saw light glint off the fuzz when I read that part) is but one of the beautiful touches you use to build the young satyr in my mind. My only crit is to watch out for the dreaded passive voice (i.e., seemed to). Convince me, your reader, that the young satyr is real – convince me the linen shirt swallowed his thin arms – and you will not only have built a beautiful picture in my mind, but also made me believe the satyr is real and standing right here on tiptoes smiling up at me. Great job, Patricia.

    2. Brent B. Avatar
      Brent B.

      Oh, and just so you know the ‘unknown’ reason you like that particular paragraph a lot – is because it’ really is beautifully descriptive.

      1. Patricia Avatar

        Thank you so much! Your comment means a lot, and now I see that I use the passive voice quite a lot. It’s something I need to work on and my writing will be better because of it. Thank you again for the kind words. 😀

  31. Ieva Avatar

    500+ words, and a beginning of a disaster.

    And destroying things is a horrible thing in plot, isn’t it. Horrible&fascinating.

  32. Michelle Avatar

    2054 words today, along with some solid work on the kingdom’s language. I can’t wait to go in and do some translations.

    Still not sure why I decided to have one of my main characters develop an unusual affinity for a crystal or why it freaks the other mc out. That whole device is feeling a little shallow right now. But hopefully I can go back and spice it up later.

  33. KQ Avatar

    700-something for me. I think I am getting nervous because I am heading into the ending. I know I need to have my scenes more intense, but I don’t feel like they’re hitting that. I guess I’ll just keep plugging along, trying to do as well as I can.

    Holly- you are very inspiring. I hope to be able to write at your level one day!

  34. Clare K. R. Miller Avatar

    627 words for me today. I keep telling myself it’s okay, I can stop at 500 because I’m tired, and then going way beyond that! Can’t complain, really. I’m going to have to do a bit of time compression because the MC is now sitting around the house by herself (well, with servants for company) being bored. May start on the male MC’s POV tomorrow.

  35. Elise Avatar

    559 words Monday, none last night, 324 tonight. Wrote a scene that wasn’t even in my original plan, but seemed to need to be there now. I’m not sure where I’m going next, but I’m also sure something will come to me.

  36. Sarah Collins Avatar

    I LOVE those moments! I’m glad you’re enjoying one tonight. =c)

    So far, 421 words today on “Jack” … all to rave reviews from my crit partner. I’m out of my funk and full steam ahead to the finish line!

  37. Jason Avatar

    Got 818 words. It’s nice to be writing again after a couple of days off.

  38. Nancy Avatar

    434 words for today. The acolyte’s “keeper” snuck up and spoiled the chance for some interesting dialogue. Party pooper. Love his “title”, though. He’s First Purger of the monastery. I didn’t get as far along as I wanted, but managed to wrap up the scene with a small cliff hanger, so I’m going to call it a night.

    Holly – you’re inspiring! Thanks for making your own progress/process transparent to all of us. Can’t wait to read this when it’s done — it’ll be doubly fun, because we’ve been able to witness the creation of all the clever twists and turns and Muse bombs along the way.

    Happy writing all!

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