DTD — 484, and the start of Contagion

By Holly Lisle

I wrapped the scene with Mike and Aleksa at the dig…it took off in an interesting direction. Apparently Mike has other things going wrong in his life besides the forged artifact buried in his site, something Aleksa noticed that I hadn’t.

Interesting the way characters play off of each other.

And I started Contagion, the next scene with Sam (my male lead), and found out something about the way he sleeps that surprised me. He’s being called in to the scene of an ugly murder involving two witnesses he needed.

It was a good writing night. I’m tired—long, happy weekend, a lot of brain down-time, in which I figured out the lesson structure for How To Revise A Novel (a very good thing), but in which I did no actual work.

Hope your weekend was wonderful. How are your words?

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