DTD — 473, and Just Can’t Be

By Holly Lisle

Tired and have a headache, but did get the words. Mostly, I was wrapping up the scene in which my hero discovered that the rash of suicides are all connected to someone he knew well—and hated—in his past.

But I also got back to Aleksa, who is on her way to a dig being run by her former grad student, which features a find he insists just can’t be. She was intrigued enough to fly in. It’s a mistake for both of them…but of course she has no way of knowing that.

Small things tonight, little bits of hint-dropping, laying the groundwork for bigger things later, setting up conflicts that I’ll be building into later on.

No bombshells. But certainly setting up the relationships and histories that I’ll be able to blow up later.

How are your words coming?

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