DTD—444 words, and too tired to do more than wave.

I came. I wrote. I wore out.

If it hadn’t been dialogue, I don’t think I would have gotten that much.

I’ll check in tomorrow to answer questions.

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43 responses to “DTD—444 words, and too tired to do more than wave.”

  1. Patricia Avatar

    I wrote 178 hard won words, and I am actually rather pleased with what I have. I find it incredibly difficult to write the first few paragraphs of a book, essay, or any other document, and I’m not exactly sure why. Anyways, now that I’ve started, the rest should come easier. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Sarah Collins Avatar

    Had to finish up for a client yesterday (Tues) so my words went for money instead of love, but I’m back on the job tonight.

    1. Anambika Avatar

      Do you say, you don’t enjoy writing for money? I mean, at least some of it? I visited your site, and read a piece or two, no, more, simply, I couldn’t stop: The Turkey article, Ah! the toilet seat with the base ball theme, It made my face go green, wait! wait! green with envy. wonderful piece. doesn’t it bring a smile to your face when you read it? go try …

  3. Colleen Avatar

    An amazing 623 words today. I didn’t think I was going to get them in. Holly, your “write a book with me” is the motivation that got me to apply butt to chair today.

    And I’m floored with what I got. The dowager queen just offered the MC the ability to be the king’s consort. I never saw that coming. So THAT’S why the dowager was so interested in her.

  4. Red_dot Avatar

    450 words today. Chapter 5 is killing me.

  5. Don Avatar

    I’m tired to doing OT at work, working and writing is like haveing two jobs. I got 742 today they’re offering OT next week and I’ll do it just have to make it up over the week end. I figure after next week no more OT until the Holidays, so might as well.

  6. Debora Avatar

    449 words. Had limited time to write, so I am very pleased I got as much as that.

  7. Anambika Avatar

    595 words and have crossed the 30K mark, as quietly as a tortoise. Did I expect fireworks or what? No idea.

    1. Roo Avatar

      (I’m sorry I don’t know how to make it sparkly)

  8. Dena C. Avatar
    Dena C.

    1438 words today. I went to bed super early las night, and that seems to have done the trick. Had a good writing day. Hope all of you did too.

  9. Carly Avatar

    Haven’t update this week so let’s see. Monday I wrote 661 words, Tuesday 1,200+ (don’t have the exact number down anywhere) and today I wrote 1.625. Well on my way to 50,000 words at the moment and I’m really hoping to get the middle of this story out of the way by the end of the week. It will mean 2 scenes a night, every night but I wrote three Tuesday night and only really stopped because I didn’t want to overdo it. I keep telling myself that as long as I’m having fun it’s ok and I need to keep that as my main goal before I end up burning myself out.

    Hope everyone else is doing well, I love reading about everyone else’s progress, it’s a real motivation booster.

    Keep up the good work one and all!

  10. Cat Avatar

    I took a few days off although I’m on a tight schedule. But my kids are growing up so fast and I don’t want them to remember me as always writing. So we went to visit the grandparents for a week and I did lots of fun stuff with them. My “reward” is that I wrote but 1217 words in the whole week.

    But I did get a major lightning strike when I walked the dog tonight. I’m looking forward to writing the next scenes when I am home again on Sunday.

    1. Debora Avatar

      Dogs are good for that. My dog, Sam, a neurotic rescued beagle mix, weighing 35 pounds and cut (so he is much bigger than your standard beagle) is my best writing companion.

  11. Stormlyht Avatar

    Almost had to force myself to write, but when I did, I got 2,496 words out! Still haven’t finished with part two, and it’s increasing ever so much in size, but hey, oh well. I think I only have a little bit left to it and I’ll be done, so at least there’s that. I suppose I shouldn’t worry about length of parts so much, but I always feel like my first anything (chapter, part, section) fails miserably at being large and interesting. Its like I always write prologues instead of firsts. Meh, it probably doesn’t matter.

    1. Kait Nolan Avatar

      Sounds like kicking butt and taking names to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Scarlett Avatar

    Spent too long doing archery today and left no time to write

  13. Lisa R Avatar
    Lisa R

    106 words in my notebook that I will need to put on the computer. All of a sudden the summer has become very busy. Fall is looming in the near future and all those warm weather projects are calling my name. Busy, busy, busy!

  14. Laura B. Avatar
    Laura B.

    No words. I just learned that I may need to take some leave to care for an aging parent who lives across country and will be undergoing chemotherapy. Have to find a way to move between the energy of working that out, dealing with the anxieties, and the care giving itself–and writing. I rarely write original stuff at work (I can edit, but not create) because of the shift I have to make between the linear thinking my job requires, and its fast pace, and the thinking required for writing with its much different pace. It is kind of like being in a “zone” although I’m tired of that term. It’s the moving back and forth with some finesse between life-as-it’s-happening and the zone that I often find difficult to do.

  15. CLNorman Avatar

    Only 150 words on my short story. 350 word blog post though.

    I felt I could write more on my short story but I got busy with things and hoped I could get back to it. Next thing I knew it was midnight and I didn’t have the energy or patience to wait for my laptop and so I went to bed.

  16. Clare K. R. Miller Avatar

    Yesterday was a slow writing day for me–only 225 words. I gave myself permission to stop there since I’d been clutching my pet bunny really hard (he has to get his butt cleaned occasionally and he hates it) and my arms hurt!

  17. Dawn Avatar

    Opened my project today and half of it was missing. I knew something was wrong with that since I’d sent the entire first part to a friend for a cliffhanger check. My cliffhanger was missing as I thought but she found one within the same scene. I’m pleased with the change. Finally I figured out I’d opened my backup instead of my working copy of the project. What a relief!

    I moved to write my next scene and discovered it was so similar to the last one I’d written that I no longer need to write it. It’s already there, so now I need an extra scene. I’m not sure whether to just keep going and plan the extra scene later or get to work coming up with an addition now. A part of me doesn’t want to write, so I know I have to push myself or I will have an off week. I’m going to write. Now.

    1. Dawn Avatar

      1,212 words, a bit shy of my planned 1,250 but I’ll take it and smile. I wrote and that makes me happy.

  18. Nancy Avatar

    Got bupkus on Tuesday. Car trouble and the attendant astonomical bill, then utter lunacy at work. Remember Chinese firedrills — picture an entire floor of knavish cube-dwellers doing one. And it’s not even a full moon. Our annual sale is tanking and that doesn’t portend anything happy about my employment situation — or my ability to live indoors and eat regularly.

    Gack! Anyhoo — I’ll get my five hundred today, even if the sky falls. Nice to see folks doing so well here. It definitely inspires me, even on days when I can’t get it together myself.

    1. Larkk Avatar

      Loved the 90 or so well chosen words you wrote about your day though ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Jessica Avatar

    It was just supposed to be a small, what’s happening on the other side scene so I let my muse go wild and came out with over 1200 words, soared past the 10K mark, AND got rewarded with an amazing conspiracy that solves a major missing hole!!! It also puts the male MC in questionnable light.

    I hope today is as productive! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Kait Nolan Avatar

      Hey that’s fantastic! Keep up the good work!

  20. Belle Avatar

    I have been sidelined by a personal drama. I am empty. No words the last few days, might be a few more days before I can get back to it. But, I am reading most of the posts, staying connected.

  21. Minze Avatar

    485 words yesterday. The last few days I’ve been feeling tired when I was writing. Must be a sign that something’s wrong. My guess is I’m being too sensible – writing the stuff that “must be written” instead of the stuff that WANTS to be written, or stuff that’s too sensible and staid. Today I’ll try and write something that wakes me up.

  22. Kait Nolan Avatar

    469 words yesterday. I didn’t report in last week, but I was making some changes. Had a breakthrough in plot that wound up changing almost the entire second half of the book, definitely the whole Act 3. So I spent last week updating the outline entirely based on the consequences of that change, then doing a full read-through of the existing manuscript to making notes on things I needed to change or seed earlier so that it will work. So it was a very productive week on one front anyway.

  23. Larkk Avatar

    349 words in my notebook about what love is and how to establish that Nick and Libra love each other more than life itself. This is why I write-so I can think.

    Still enjoy reading about what everyone else is doing!

  24. Khena Avatar

    I finished one scene, a pretty good scene with a lot of emotion in it. Unlike the next scene I started that just isn’t right. There’s no emotion, but fairly good description. So it’s salvagable, or at least parts of it are.

    I’m nearing my favorite part of the story and finding it harder to write the closer I get. When I think about my story, I’m always thinking about that scene, and having trouble focusing on what is going on now. So regardless of the concequences, I am going to skip ahead to the three scenes that are pulling all my attention away from the other work needing to be done. Hopefully I won’t screw my linear mind up doing it =)

    Oh, 2029 words. I always start rambling on and forgetting the thing I am actually posting about.

  25. Noel Lynne Figart Avatar

    324 words.

    You know how being self-employed is feast or famine? Feast… Just before Beach Week. No, this is not a complaint. Working with coffee and watching the sun come up over the ocean is a Good Thing.

    However, this small word count idea of Holly’s is totally made of win. I just about always have 250 words in me, and it’s good to have a non-intimidating amount of fiction to work on as a bit of a reward for getting the tedious stuff out of the way. It’s actually kind of funny how much progress I’ve made on That Damned Book since I quit it with the big word counts that intimidate me into stopping.

  26. The Pencil Neck Avatar
    The Pencil Neck

    616 words.

    But. It was a scene I hadn’t really planned to write. I spent a lot of time re-arranging things today. I had thought at one point about structuring my story a little differently than the normal straight through time, one scene after another but decided to go ahead with a more normal story structure. I wuz worng.

    I’m going to write this as three independent stories. The first story is about the guy investigating what’s going on. He doesn’t know at the start what he’s looking for. Everything is a mystery to him. The second story is going to be the story of the villain, who is committing horrible crimes for a valiant cause for the noblest of reasons. And the third story is the story of the protagonist, who would be the villain in many stories and will be for much of his own.

    So, today, I went back and wrote the opening scene of the first story… about a cranky old man woken up late at night and then asked to solve a murder in the cold.

  27. Dana Avatar

    I did three 2YN lessons in one day. Ow. My brain! It only totaled to 1,198 words but still!

  28. Greg Avatar

    Got my words early today – 520. Keep chipping away at the coal face, everyone!

  29. Elise Avatar

    Two days with no writing, then 1075 words today. This is definitely turning into a romantic suspense and I’m enjoying it.

  30. Red_dot Avatar

    I was busy at work today and played with music to much. I did have a creepy moment where I found a song with my MC’s name in it and the song describes what he does…..I don’t get it, coincidence? 137 words plus played with grandbaby tonight, fun, fun.

  31. KQ Avatar

    1203 I’m still in this scene I’m having trouble with. In fact, I haven’t really started writing it yet, I just created some different stuff to write. I think I’m scared to write it because I feel like it’s really important. I thought about it some, and maybe it’s not so important. It needs to happen, at least the action needs to take place to move the story forward, but it may not be that important. I don’t know, but I’m getting stalled, so I am officially giving myself permission to write The Worst Scene Ever! I’m just going to get it done and move forward. I suppose this is what revision is for!

    1. Ieva Avatar

      My experience says that the Really Important Scenes are generally written just like Somewhat Important Scenes and the Don’t Mind Me, I’m Just Goofing Around scenes.

      One word at a time. ๐Ÿ™‚

      So yea, you can do it.

  32. Ieva Avatar

    I sat down to do 100+ words just to keep going and found myself at 500. Perhaps it’s the scene’s fault (it’s crucial, it’s flashback, and it tells why my protag is broken).

    I must admit I still feel like stalling. Oh well. Time for first surgical marks, I guess (along with muse bombs discovered). (By the way, Holly, thanks for lesson 16, it was enlightening. And it’s not the first time when a lesson arrives precisely when it’s needed.)

  33. Eve Avatar

    I know where you’re coming from Holly. I’m too tired too. I did add 667 words and I thought I should let you all know that I’m off to visit my children in Michigan and will probably not have time to write anything other than a journal entry or two until mid August.

  34. Jim Mitchel Avatar

    Still in chapter six.

    Today I crossed over 10K words total. :0)

    Word count for today: 420

    1. Roo Avatar

      So awesome. Congratulations.

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