DTD — 401 words. And other things.

By Holly Lisle

In spite of still being sick, I had a pretty good work day today. Got 1800 words finished on the first lesson of How To Revise Your novel, and got the next three lessons completely outlined.

I want to have a significant amount of the course already written before my two test students start class—and certainly before I open the doors to everyone else.

As for Dreaming the Dead, I came up with a handful or real titles for it between yesterday and tonight. Finally. Still have to decide which one I like, but DTD isn’t going to be DTD much longer.

And I got 401 words—started the follow-up scene to the one I was working on last night. It flowed well, and I’m pleased with the conflict in it, and the twist I put in just before I quit for the night.

But I still feel awful, so I’m posting this and then going to bed.

Matt’s been sick for a week so far, and still isn’t over it. I’m several days behind him, so I may still have a haul to get through this.

Let me know how your words are coming. I’ve been reading comments, though I haven’t been answering. I’m cheering your progress, small or large.

Hang in. And I’ll hang in too.

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