DTD—319 words, and the 10% mark

By Holly Lisle

I rolled over 25,000 words tonight. 25,006, to be exact. Which means I’m ten percent of the way done with my estimated minimum of my first draft. (How’s that for vague?)

Was going to quit a bit earlier because I have a nasty headache, but the temptation to hit that round number got the better of me.

So. Tonight I simply filled in details from last night’s scene. It felt rushed as I was working it, and when I read it tonight, I discovered I was right.

So poor Aleksa has not yet begun to understand why she has been taken prisoner, or who her captor really is. I’ll start into that tomorrow night…but that whole thing is going to take a while, and have to be split over several scenes, as the full scope of the mess into which she’s embroiled herself begins to take shape.

I’m going to go straight to sleep tonight—well, after hunting down a couple aspirin.

I’ll check in tomorrow to see how you’re doing with your book.

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