DTD — 303 words, and a leak in the system

By Holly Lisle

My detectives were beaten to a witness they needed by someone who didn’t want her to talk. The circumstances suggest someone close to them may be working for the bad guys.

Scene bit tonight went well.

I apologize for my scarcity in the WABWM comments. Margaret and I are setting up the infrastructure for How To Revise Your Novel, and I’m also laying out the process for the course, and working in the questions folks asked. It’s surprisingly tiring work—the level of concentration it takes to figure out which thing to present in which order and which examples to use to demonstrate techniques, surprised me with Think Sideways and is surprising me again.

I’m still reading comments, but not commenting often.

Very excited to cheer on those of you who have finished first drafts recently, though, and hit deadlines.

How are your words coming?

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