Dreaming the Dead Chapters 1 — 7: July Patreon Bonus

By Holly Lisle

Back in May I relocated my Dreaming the Dead manuscript.

This morning, while putting together my July Patreon bonus for my patrons, I realized a lot of the folks who might be interested might still be reading here.

So just a quick note.

ALL my Patreon patrons this month get the first SEVEN chapters of the first draft of Dreaming the Dead as their bonus.

It was one of the books they voted heavily in favor of me picking back up, it is the single most compelling project I have ever worked on, and only a massive derailing of my life pulled me away from it…

And it’s coming back.

No one but me has seen these chapters, and while they’re raw first draft, after I re-read them, I’m more exited about the project than I was before.

And my patrons are the only folks who will to see anything more than just snippets.

BIG note. This is RAW first draft. Unrevised, unedited, flawed. This is straight from brain to fingertips to page with no censoring or fixing.

But if you want to see the start of the book that woke me up in the middle of  then night when my dead publisher gave me the idea for it, you’re invited to join my Patreon.

All my patrons this month get the complete three-chapter bonus.

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