Down to the last bits on Create A World Clinic

By Holly Lisle

Yesterday I fixed all the typos and formatting errors my beta testers found.

Today I’m doing usability fixes: rebuilding worksheets that left my beta testers lost or confused, moving things around in the Geek-Deep Worldbuilding section to make it easier to understand how the included videos and worksheets connect to the whole Geek-Deep worldbuilding process…stuff like that.

Will take a few days to do this, and I will no doubt introduce a few mistakes that will NOT be caught, because I’m not doing another round of beta-ing.

I’m going live after I finish this.

Which means:

  • Formatting for PDF, Kindle, ePub, Print
  • Cover art
  • Production
  • Course and worksheet uploading and page setup
  • Early-Bird private purchase page link goes out
  • Take the course live on my site
  • Link to the HTTS Boot Camp Member World Clinic coupon goes out
    1. It’s not too late to get in on the HTTS Boot Camp World Clinic Members-Only Discount.
    2. If you don’t already have a free membership, create one here:
    3. Make SURE you’re on the Boot Camp mailing list: Most of the time you’ll be added to the list when you join, and will need to confirm that you want to receive the updates, but many legacy members do not receive the updates, and sometimes the sign-up widget glitches.
  • Take the course live on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and MAYBE Kobo if they have stopped unilaterally discounting and hard-setting my prices. If they’re still being cute with their goddamned penny discount (which causes me problems with my pricing on Amazon, B&N, AND my own site, I’ll just skip Kobo).

Believe it or not, even with this long list of things yet to do, I’m actually almost done. So if you’re already on the World Clinic Early-Bird or HTTS Bootcamp Update lists, next week is when you need to start watching for [World-Clinic-LIVE] notices.


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