Don’t miss the Writing Live Chat FIVE, Aug. 18, 2015

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The chat will start at 1PM EDT. It may run over an hour (the last one did).

Here’s your invitation if you haven’t yet signed up:

Here’s our discussion schedule:

  • Genre: Discussing What Genre Isn’t, and Why This Matters
  • When To Go to War Over a Book…And When NOT To
  • Writing As A Business (or A Hobby): From Getting Paid to Going Full-Time
  • Products—Novel, Short Stories, Ring Cycles, and Everything Else: A step-by-step walkthrough on deciding which products you want to create and how to go about placing them
  • Tips from the How To Think Sideways Class: Dealing with Fear, Criticism, Perfectionism, the Real WorldTM, and More

I have some questions, and will be taking more LIVE as we go through each section. And this time Jean Schara will be running the questions and getting them to me, so we should have a slightly smoother experience.

The replay plus downloads, if any, will be available from the link I’ll post here after the chat is done. No login necessary for this.

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6 responses to “Don’t miss the Writing Live Chat FIVE, Aug. 18, 2015”

  1. Riley Avatar

    Hi Holly–I wasn’t able to attend the live webinar, but when I clicked on the link to watch the video, there was a message saying the webinar expired. Just letting you know. Thanks.

    1. Riley Avatar

      Never mind–I clicked on the link above and saw the schedule change. Thanks for all you do–and I hope you are doing well.

  2. Adam Scott Campbell Avatar

    Hi Holly this sounds great! I am excited to watch the replay. Thank you so much for all you do for us!

  3. Amy Avatar

    Yay! I think you’ll be so much happier having someone help you on the back end. It will leave you free to tend to the chat without worrying that you’re missing something. 🙂

    1. Holly Avatar

      I’m looking forward to finding out. It’s really tough trying to do everything yourself.

      That’s the theme for just about everything for me this year.

  4. Jean Avatar

    It’s gonna be fun!

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