Don’t Drink Coffee While Reading This

That stuff really hurts when it comes out your nose, meteorologist Scott Stevens’ website.

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  • tambo Sep 24, 2005 @ 17:04

    My daughter is a weather nut. I’ve been looking through some older weather books, and have found holes – they’re merely super cooled droplets freesing into ice crystals and evidently pretty common in cumulus type clouds – and the tails he ranted about are called virga or “mare’s tales”. They usually happen when a cumulus cloud tries to rain over a dry area, the rain evaporates before it hits and leaves those pretty tails. 🙂

    Still looking for the square things. 😉

  • hollylisle Sep 24, 2005 @ 13:05

    And he quit his job to give him even more time. To me, that was the “zowie” moment.

  • arainsb123 Sep 24, 2005 @ 11:18

    Oh wow — I made my first trackback! 🙂 I’m so proud of myself.

    To keep this post from being spam: this guy is grasping at ludicrous evidence and clearly has way too much time on his hands.

  • Jim Sep 24, 2005 @ 2:22


    I meant to add: The best example of a serious evaluator taking Bearden seriously is an essay by the late Dr. Stephan Possonoy, coauthor with Dr. Pournelle of The Strategy of Technology, reprinted in There Will be War, volume V.”

  • Jim Sep 24, 2005 @ 2:20


    I haven’t actually checked the site yet — I saw the same link you probably did on Drudge earlier today — but then I didn’t really need too 🙂

    There is an extensive and vocal community of…I’ll say individuals … who believe that Tesla left notes on various wonderweapons that both the Russians and American’s have duplicated, including weather control and a variety of other effects. Probably the most vocal modern proponent — and the one who has succeeded in actually getting US government funding to study the subject, is a local (to me) gentleman named Tom Bearden.

    I’ve read a couple of Bearden’s more extensive reports over the years. While it fails the “suspension of disbelief” tests, to the extent that I’ve had time and energy to evaluate any of his claims rigorously, I’ve not been able too. And certainly nothing subatantial has seemed to come from the thousands of web pages that Bearden and his followers maintain.

    So while my belief is certainly that this weatherman isn’t playing with a full deck, I can’t sit here and tell you he is wrong…

  • FrankA Sep 24, 2005 @ 1:28

    Uh, I think this guy is off his medication.

  • PolarBear Sep 23, 2005 @ 19:48

    Be careful. I was that way until 18 years ago when I needed to drive 13 hours to a funeral immediately after returning from a 13 hour drive from the same place. I drank one cup of coffee to help me stay awake for that return drive, and now I drink a big cup of the nasty stuff most days.

  • hollylisle Sep 23, 2005 @ 19:10

    I hate coffee. It’s only useful when I’ve been away since 2AM and have decided to stay up really, really late the same day in order to kick my sleep schedule back into something sane. Have decided that tomorrow will be the official day off for the week.

  • PolarBear Sep 23, 2005 @ 16:25

    I didn’t know you drank coffee. You continue to surprise me, Woman.

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