Done with Ohio 5, Chapter 3: 253 words today, 6216 total (Plus HWC Update)

No surprises today. The rest of the chapter just flowed smoothly from yesterday’s revelation.

Tomorrow, I’ll start chapter four, and probably revisit my existing outline again — because as I have with every single book so far, three chapters in, I have now completely left the outline I had for this book.

This is the process for me.


Fight the outline.

Break the outline with something better.


There’s no efficiency in it, other than the efficiency of it being the process that actually works for me.

It lets me get the best stories I’m capable of writing.

It looks really messy. But my finished first draft is (almost) always solid, and I only have to revise once.


The classes are finished in the new HollysWritingClasses software, the website and webpages are built, the class sign-up pages are done except for the pricing boxes, and now what the guys have to do is turn off the old site, bring over the new one and its databases (ENORMOUS databases), and turn things on.

I make it sound small and easy, but it isn’t.

So in the next few days, there’s going to be an outage on the live site while we do this. I’m pretty sure I now have all active HWC members on the HWC list, and I’ll be letting you know when things are going to shut down. And then when they’re back up again.

I’m so very ready to be done with this, and to have a new site on new software with great support and frequent updates. It’s time.

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