Done. Winners Are…

By Holly Lisle

Jass and SLunsford. Chosen from a random drawing of qualified applicants.

Both are currently being notified by e-mail, and e-books sent via separate e-mail. File is big.

Okay–book is now available in the shop. Use the link and password. I put the price at 9.95 rather than some exorbitant amount, because I could just imagine one person clicking through anyway, just to see what would happen, and one of the two of us being out a big PayPal fee on the refund/book purchase. This way, nobody gets hurt if someone doesn’t read directions.

Added later–The warnings are supposed to be there, as is the line saying there’s no product associated. As noted, I’d like this beta version to go only to those of you who have been here following along with me and adding useful comments and questions. And, seriously, there are places where Scrivener did NOT play nicely with Word, so the layout is ugly. Bulleted lists are the big thing. There are a couple other issues. And the right-justified texts is pretty brutal in places, too. And this version doesn’t have live links, which the final version will. And … and … and.

This is NOT the version I want being released generally. So I don’t want anyone who doesn’t know what it is buying it.

But I think you’ll like the content, and you already know it’s beta. You’ll be prepared for the errors and general ugliness.

If you use the beta version, let me know what you think.

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