Done. Winners Are…

Jass and SLunsford. Chosen from a random drawing of qualified applicants.

Both are currently being notified by e-mail, and e-books sent via separate e-mail. File is big.

Okay–book is now available in the shop. Use the link and password. I put the price at 9.95 rather than some exorbitant amount, because I could just imagine one person clicking through anyway, just to see what would happen, and one of the two of us being out a big PayPal fee on the refund/book purchase. This way, nobody gets hurt if someone doesn’t read directions.

Added later–The warnings are supposed to be there, as is the line saying there’s no product associated. As noted, I’d like this beta version to go only to those of you who have been here following along with me and adding useful comments and questions. And, seriously, there are places where Scrivener did NOT play nicely with Word, so the layout is ugly. Bulleted lists are the big thing. There are a couple other issues. And the right-justified texts is pretty brutal in places, too. And this version doesn’t have live links, which the final version will. And … and … and.

This is NOT the version I want being released generally. So I don’t want anyone who doesn’t know what it is buying it.

But I think you’ll like the content, and you already know it’s beta. You’ll be prepared for the errors and general ugliness.

If you use the beta version, let me know what you think.

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16 responses to “Done. Winners Are…”

  1. Holly D Avatar

    (sniffing here).
    As one of those who is normally off email from sundown on Friday through the end of Shabbas on Saturday evening….
    I missed it.
    So, looking forward to you having your edits finished.

    -another Holly (x56 years)

  2. Inkblot Avatar

    Holly, this book is awesome. Thank you SOO much ๐Ÿ™‚ This is EXACTLY what I needed.

  3. BklynWriter Avatar

    I kept refreshing the page, as I was so anxious! Printed it out, and that will be the rest of my weekend. Going out in the morning to pick up some more index cards. Thanks again Holly, you are so awesome.

  4. Richard Norden Avatar
    Richard Norden

    The book is brilliant. I got a small addition to “Throwing Stuff Against A Wall” I like to use: call up google pictures, adjust pictures to “large” and search for a word related to your current problem. Maybe a single word or a name. At least one or two of these pictures always ring a bell and fire my imagination. For me this works better than digging through newspapers or magazines.

    I hope, this post survives Akismets voracious hunger (every post of mine with more than one sentence seems to imply “I AM SPAM” ;-)).

  5. Nicole Avatar

    Congrats, winners!

    And thanks, Holly! I’ve only spent (read: stolen) a few hours with the Clinic so far while at work, and already it’s jump-started my stalled-out plot. You’re the best!

  6. Bridget Avatar

    Thank you Holly. I’ve got my copy and just paused reading it to come drop this note. =) Thank you so much.

  7. Inkblot Avatar

    Congratulations to Jass and SLunsford!!!

    Have a ball with it you guys! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks again Holly for being so wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

    *off to purchase my copy…*

  8. Richard Norden Avatar
    Richard Norden

    Akismet seems to develop a taste for my posts. Holly, could you please…? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Richard Norden Avatar
    Richard Norden

    Congratulations to Jass and SLunsford, I wish you both lots of fun and tons of creativity for the next days! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I just printed out my copy and will spend this evening with the plot clinic, an excellent Cabernet Sauvignon and lots of papers, varicolored pens and index cards. What I’ve read so far already sends surges of creative energy through my veins.

    Thank you, Holly, for another great book and the opportunity to work with it before the official launch!

    Best regards

    Richard Norden

  10. fionaphoenix Avatar

    I feel like a dork, but the page I’m seeing says there is no product associated with it. That’s the one?

  11. anderyn Avatar

    Okay, it worked now. I am so going to
    have fun this weekend! Thanks, and I’ll
    let the rest of my writer’s group know
    the beta’d version will be up next week!

  12. anderyn Avatar

    I purchased just fine, but it says the file is not there to be downloaded. augh!

  13. heatherwrites Avatar

    Congrats to the winners.

    And thank you, Holly. I’ll be purchasing the book later today.

  14. shawna Avatar

    You’re going to come back here and let us know that it is really ready, right? (Trying to figure out if the warnings currently on that page are the ones that you meant, or if that means you’re not done changing things yet, lol.) Yes, I’m impatient.

  15. shawna Avatar

    Congrats guys! Have fun!

  16. Jass Avatar


    Thank you Holly! I’ll do my best. You should see the SEG on my face.



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