Done outlining Ohio 4 — Progress and Planned Evil

Oh… BOY!

I knew going in today that I was going to have to beat the crap out of my main character in the plotting.

I did NOT know quite how badly, or how I was going to do that WHILE preventing myself from ending Ohio 4 on a cliffhanger.

(Because we do not end novels on cliffhangers, we do not end novels on cliffhangers, we do not… You get the drift.)


I now have all of my story Sentences written, and I managed to bring the thing to a VERY good conclusion (in outline form, of course), and I LOVE the ending, and at the same time, my MC is going to have a whole helluva lot of work to do in Book Five…

Because while WE (the good guys) know better, right at the moment, the whole planet thinks the BAD GUYS just won game, set, and match.

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One response to “Done outlining Ohio 4 — Progress and Planned Evil”

  1. dragon Avatar

    Yay! (All caught up on your blog posts and so looking forward to this series …) Whups, not quite all caught up. *laughter* One question, since for those already signed up for your updates … do we get invites to the launch? As much fun as it is to follow your creative process, the final product is also of great interest. *grin*

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