Done, Done with I SEE YOU

By Holly Lisle

I’ve been slogging the manuscript revision for days. Tonight, just a few minutes ago, I finished the last of the revision type-in and sent it out to my editor. Tomorrow, I’ll send the tabbed hand-edited copy to her overnight.

Done, done, done.

I heard from Anna Genoese on HAWKSPAR just today. She really liked it. We’ll bat ideas back and forth and pretty soon I’ll start into the revision of that.

Meanwhile, though, I have some time where I can do nothing but crits and worldbuilding classes while I think about the next projects I want to propose. And work on the store. The affiliate program still isn’t working right, and the temp-shop programmer is trying to figure out why. I hope we’ll be able to get it fixed tomorrow. I spent hours on it yesterday and today without any luck.

Mentally, I’m still in that funny, fuzzy, sunlight-drenched, cotton-wrapped place. It almost feels like, having stopped the ceaseless forward rush that has been propelling me for the last however many years, I don’t yet have the power built up to make myself move again. The feeling is pleasant. Like sleeping in on sun-dried sheets on a Saturday, only all the time.

I’ve been neglecting regular posting on the weblog, but that’s part of it. This decadent cat-like basking does not lend itself to regular output or massive effort (though the last few days have included plenty of that.)

I’ll kick myself back into gear soon.

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