I’ve written over five thousand words since 4 AM, have created two full chapters and one new worksheet, and have overhauled the entire structure of the book, but the revised version of the Language Clinic is done! I’m printing off a copy for my copyeditor, and tomorrow, I will get back on track with NIGHT ECHOES and HAWKSPAR.

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6 responses to “Done!”

  1. Holly Avatar

    Shelbi–broke is no fun. Hoping it gets better soon.

  2. shelbi Avatar

    As soon as I figure out what our budget looks like, I’ll be getting this one and the 2YN book, too. I want ’em now though! Being poor sucks.

  3. Holly Avatar

    The e-book version will come out first, probably later today. I’ll have to reset type and repaginate for Lulu, redo the front cover to print specifications, create a back cover, and then buy a copy myself and wait for it to get here so I can check it for errors (or horrors, like the first edition of Create A Character Clinic), before I’ll be able to put it on sale. So figure about two weeks.

    I’m excited about both versions, but I’ll note that e-book buyers will have a bit of an advantage. The clinic uses my worksheets, and folks who buy the print version will need access to a copier. E-book buyers will be able to copy off their worksheets on their printers.

  4. klharrds Avatar

    Hooray! Cant wait. Is this one going straight to Lulu or will there be a gap like the last one?

  5. PJ Avatar

    Hooray! Can’t wait to see it!


  6. BJSteeves Avatar

    Congrats! I can’t want to get this one too.

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